Naseeruddin Shah Joins Sonu Sood’s Film “Fateh” as a Hacker!

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We have some exciting news about the upcoming movie “Fateh,” starring Sonu Sood. Renowned actor Naseeruddin Shah has been cast in a crucial role in the film. This addition to the cast makes the movie even more interesting.

Naseeruddin Shah has already filmed most of his scenes for “Fateh.” He will play a pivotal role that driving the story forward. According to a source, Shah’s character is essential to the plot, making his role significant in the unfolding narrative.

Soun Sood’s Directorial Debut

“Fateh” is not just another movie for Sonu Sood; it marks his debut as a director. The film is inspired by real-life cybercrime incidents that people experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic. This theme of cybercrime is highly relevant in today’s digital age, making the movie relatable and timely.

Naseeruddin  Shah’s Character: The Hacker

Naseeruddin Shah will portray a hacker in “Fateh.” He is thrilled about his role and the film’s message, which he believes resonates with the current times. Shah is known for choosing films that reflect real and relatable stories. His past works like “A Wednesday” (2008), “Manthan” (1976), and “Kuttey” (2023) have all touched upon significant social issues.

Naseeruddin Shah

A Secret Until the Trailer Release

Even though the teaser and poster of the action thriller “Fateh” are already out, Shah’s character remains a mystery. The filmmakers have kept details about his role under wraps. “No one will get to know about Naseeruddin’s association with the film until the trailer drops,” says the source. The trailer, which will be released closer to the film’s premiere, will give audiences a first glimpse of Shah’s character and his role in the story.

Sonu Sood Confirms Shah’s Involvement

To get an official confirmation, we reached out to Sonu Sood. He confirmed the news and expressed his excitement about having Naseeruddin Shah in his movie. “Yes, Naseer sir is a part of ‘Fateh.’ He’s got a phenomenal role in the film,” Sood said.

What to Expect from “Fateh”

With a strong cast featuring Sonu Sood and Naseeruddin Shah, “Fateh” promises to be an intriguing film. The combination of Sood’s direction and Shah’s seasoned acting skills is something fans are eagerly looking forward to. The film’s storyline, which delves into the world of cybercrime during the pandemic, adds an extra layer of interest.

Naseeruddin Shah’s inclusion in “Fateh” adds significant depth to the film. His role as a hacker is expected to be both exciting and impactful. As we wait for the trailer to drop, the anticipation continues to build. “Fateh” is shaping up to be a must-watch film with its compelling narrative and talented cast.

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