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Nikhita Gandhi’s Love Affair With Rain, Says, “Every Important Moment Bears A Rain Connection”

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In a candid rendezvous, the enchanting Bollywood singer, Nikhita Gandhi, revealed the profound love she holds for rain and its ethereal connection to her life. Hailing from the city of Kolkata, Nikhita shared delightful anecdotes, intertwining her journey with the gentle showers of nostalgia.

For Nikhita, rain is not only a weather phenomenon; it’s an integral part of her being. “I have a special connection with rain in life. I was born on a rainy day. Every significant moment in my life bears a rain connection. When I sang my first-ever film song for A.R. Rahman, it rained during the audio launch. Almost every year, rain embraces my birthday, showering blessings like nature’s sweet serenade. It’s no wonder that I infuse references to rain in my music too.”

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Nikhita also narrated a whimsical memory when rain drenched the city and waterlogged her neighborhood. Living in an area of lakes in Kolkata, an enchanting surprise awaited her. “When the lakes overflowed, the fish flowed into my neighborhood. We were fishing right outside our homes. A holiday and fish – what else does a Bengali want? When it starts raining, I drop everything and go outside to embrace the showers, an annual ritual I cherish.”

As the second half of 2023 unfolds, Nikhita shared her excitement for upcoming projects. “I am working on my music. I am recording a ghazal – something I have never tried before. The remainder of this year will be filled with lots of new sounds and melodies.”

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Amidst her diverse musical palette, Nikhita revealed her affection for soul-stirring romantic melodies. “There are many songs that I love from the 1990s and early 2000s, especially non-filmi music. The melancholic ones, like ‘Mora Saiyaa,’ hold a special place in my heart.”

Nikhita Gandhi, with her unbreakable bond with rain, continues to cast a spell on music enthusiasts. 

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