OMG 2 Review

OMG 2 Review: Impactful Narrative And Thought-Provoking Themes Garner Attention

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The much-awaited first review of the upcoming Bollywood film “OMG 2” is out, and it’s a shower of accolades. Serving as a satirical comedy, the movie stands as a sequel to the 2012 hit “OMG- Oh My God!” Notably, the film also boasts a stellar cast including Yami Gautam, Pankaj Tripathi, Brijendra Kala and Arun Govil of Ramayan fame.

In 2012, Akshay Kumar left an indelible mark as Lord Krishna in “Oh My God,” a film that provocatively raised pertinent questions about societal norms. Over a decade later, Akshay returns in “OMG 2,” this time portraying Lord Shiva’s messenger. While the prequel was led by Paresh Rawal, the sequel casts Pankaj Tripathi and Yami Gautam in prominent roles.

The storyline of “OMG 2” boldly takes on the hushed topic of sex education in India, an issue shrouded in taboos. Director Amit Rai weaves a narrative that initiates a discourse on the inclusion of sex education in school curricula. The plot revolves around the repercussions of a school incident involving masturbation, affecting the mental well-being of Vivek (Aarush Varma) and triggering societal shifts in his family dynamics. In a state of desperation, Lord Shiva sends his messenger (Akshay Kumar) to offer support to the family during their trying times. The messenger inspires Vivek’s father, Kanti Sharan Mudgal (Pankaj Tripathi), to file a case against the school and challenge the societal misinformation. The movie unfolds as Kanti Sharan Mudgal navigates the legal landscape and attempts to break societal taboos.

Akshay Kumar, in the role of Lord Shiva’s messenger, is pivotal to the story’s progression and performances, carrying it with elegance. His screen presence and dialogues are impactful. Pankaj Tripathi’s portrayal of Kanti Sharan Mudgal is a standout, marked by a subtle transition from understated to assertive as the film unfolds. Yami Gautam, as the prosecutor Kamini, delivers a commendable performance. Aarush Varma, as the child actor, shines in his role, as does Pavan Malhotra, who portrays a judge. Supporting actors like Govind Namdev, Arun Govil, and Bijendra Kala deliver solid performances, adding depth to the film’s ensemble.

“OMG 2” is a well-intentioned film that deftly addresses the often-neglected topic of sex education, offering educational insights without becoming overly preachy.

The film has also garnered praise from notable figures. Senior journalist Sudhir Chaudhary took to Twitter after a special screening, lauding the film’s approach to sex education. Spiritual leader Sadhguru commended Akshay Kumar for his initiative and signified the need for a comprehensive education system that equips youth to handle various aspects of life.

Overall, “OMG 2” is an enlightening and thought-provoking cinematic experience, marked by Akshay Kumar’s bold portrayal and the film’s progressive narrative. Audiences are sure to appreciate its well-balanced blend of entertainment and education when the film finally graces the big screen.

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