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Actor Pankaj Tripathi Recalls his Simple Childhood Days in a Recent Interview

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Pankaj Tripathi, known for his brilliant performances, has a humble background that shaped his upbringing. Hailing from Bihar’s Belsand village in Gopalganj district, Pankaj’s childhood was marked by simplicity and rustic charm. In a recent interview with India TV, the actor fondly recollected stories from his younger days, his naivety including performing bicycle stunts to impress girls, or even eating insects because some of his playmates informed him it’s mandatory if he wants to become a good swimmer. Also, the actor shared an interesting decision that changed both his and his father’s surname.

Growing Up in Bihar’s Belsand Village

Pankaj Tripathi reminisces about his childhood in Belsand village, where he was raised by his father, who was a farmer and a priest. His upbringing was deeply rooted in simplicity, surrounded by the love and warmth of his family and tight-knit community. The essence of rural life played a significant role in shaping Pankaj’s persona and later reflected in his versatile acting skills.

Bicycle Stunts and Impressions

During his interview, Pankaj Tripathi shared a lighthearted anecdote about performing bicycle stunts during his school days. He revealed, “I used to perform stunts on the bicycle because there was a boy who would perform such stunts and he was very popular among girls.” Hoping to gain popularity, Pankaj learned the tricks and techniques of bicycle stunts in the 7th or 8th standard. However, despite his efforts, he didn’t become the winner of the slow cycle race organized in school.

Drinking Insects and Daring Swimming Lessons

The actor then delved into another amusing memory from his village life when he decided to learn swimming. Living near a river, Pankaj discovered that small black insects would swim on top of the water. Mischievous kids in the village teased him, suggesting that drinking the insects would enable him to learn swimming. Convinced by their words, Pankaj picked up 10-12 insects and consumed them with the water. Remarkably, his stomach remained unaffected, proving the innocence and adventurous spirit of his younger self.

A Name Change and Unconventional Choice

In an unconventional move, Pankaj Tripathi decided to change both his own surname and his father’s surname from Tiwari to Tripathi. He shared, “It must be the first time in history that a father got a name from his son.” Pankaj’s decision stemmed from observing the success of individuals with the Tripathi surname, including his uncle, who became a government officer, and a professor of Hindi named Baba. Considering the association between his original surname, Tiwari, and occupations like farming and priesthood, Pankaj aspired for a different path. Therefore, when filling out the admit card for his 10th standard, he wrote his name as Tripathi and changed his father’s name as well to avoid any discrepancies.

Recent works, Upcoming Projects & Closing Thoughts

Pankaj Tripathi’s recent works include his roles in some amazing films including OMG 2, Fukrey 3, and Kadak Singh. His upcoming projects include Main Atal Hoon, Metro in Dino and Stree 2.

Pankaj Tripathi’s journey from Bihar’s Belsand village to becoming a renowned Bollywood actor is a testament to his perseverance and innate talent. His simple childhood days in the village allowed him to develop a unique perspective on life and shaped his acting prowess. Fine artists often use their own life experiences in their art form. Indeed, Tripathi’s ordinary beginnings allowed him to be in touch with simple everyday people. Probably, this is the reason he portrays the roles in his films so well.

Through his recollection of bicycle stunts, daring swimming lessons, and the decision to change his surname, Pankaj Tripathi provides a glimpse into his formative years and the experiences that molded him into the versatile actor we admire today.

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