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How a Phone Call Changed Pooja Tiwari’s Life!

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Vocalist Pooja Tiwari recently appeared on The Jay Kumar Show, where she opened up about her musical journey, childhood aspirations and Bollywood struggle. During the interview, she revealed a life-changing experience that involved a phone call from the renowned music maestro, A.R. Rahman himself. Surely, when someone is committed to their goals sooner or later their endeavors are recognized. In the interview, Pooja shared how she was working hard and suddenly an unexpected call altered the course of Pooja Tiwari’s life, leading her towards huge success in the music industry.

The Universe’s Conspiracy

Pooja Tiwari’s passion for singing was undeniable, but she hadn’t quite figured out the path to pursue her dream career. However, it seemed as though the Universe had a plan in store for her as Pooja believes today. In The Jay Kumar Show, she talked about receiving an unexpected professional call informing her about a new musical reality show called “Arrived,” which was going to be judged by none other than A.R. Rahman . Initially skeptical, Pooja thought it might be a hoax call rather than a golden opportunity because she had never heard about the music veteran judging any reality show. Nevertheless, the executive on the other end of the line insisted on checking Mr. Rahman’s social media pages for confirmation.

Reluctantly, Pooja decided to investigate and discovered that the show was indeed real, with A.R. Rahman as the judge. This revelation ignited a flicker of hope within her, prompting her to embrace the possibility of a life-changing opportunity.

From Top 100 to Top 4

Pooja Tiwari’s journey took off when she was directly chosen as one of the top 100 singers for the show and was called to Mumbai for an audition. Regardless of which show she would ultimately participate in, Pooja was determined to give her best shot. As she diligently prepared herself for the challenge ahead, she received an unexpected message from the “Arrived” team, instructing her to be available for an immediate video call.

With excitement and anticipation, Pooja answered the call late at night while her parents were already asleep, and to her utter delight, it was A.R. Rahman on the other end. The musical genius personally congratulated her on being selected among the top 30 contestants. Alongside the praise, Rahman acknowledged Pooja’s talent and the effort she had put into her performances. It was an unforgettable night for Pooja, as she realized her dreams were slowly becoming a reality.

As Pooja continued to impress the judges, she successfully advanced through the rounds, first to the top 10 and then to the top 4. Finally, she emerged as the winner of the show alongside Swagat Rathod, marking a significant milestone in her musical journey. The victory not only brought her immense joy but also opened doors to lucrative opportunities in the form of playback singing for major film projects.

A Path Paved by Destiny

Pooja Tiwari’s story serves as a testament to the power of destiny and the unforeseen opportunities that can shape our lives. With her inherent talent and dedication, she had always been destined for greatness. However, it was the unexpected call from A.R. Rahman that propelled her towards the limelight, showcasing her unique abilities to a wider audience. Now, armed with the title of the winner of “Arrived,” Pooja Tiwari was ready to conquer the music industry with her mesmerizing voice and unwavering determination. She has become an inspiration for aspiring singers, reminding us that sometimes, all it takes is a single phone call to change our lives forever!


The phone call from A.R. Rahman turned Pooja Tiwari’s life around, leading her on a remarkable journey from uncertainty to triumph. Through sheer determination and talent, Pooja seized the opportunity presented to her and emerged as a winner, securing a bright future in the music industry. Her story serves as a reminder that in the pursuit of our dreams, unexpected moments of destiny can truly transform our lives.

Pooja Tiwari on The Jay Kumar Show

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