Prachi Desai’s Take on Career Pauses: “I Don’t Take Pressure If I Don’t Have A Release In A Year”

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Prachi Desai, known for her roles in movies like Rock On 2 and the web film Silence 2 alongside Manoj Bajpayee, shares her perspective on taking breaks in her career.

Prachi’s journey took an unexpected turn after Rock On 2 in 2016. She found herself in what she calls an ‘unintentional’ break from the limelight. Five long years passed without any new releases until the web film Silence came along in 2021. Now, with the release of its second part, Prachi sheds light on her hiatus.

The actor opens up about her mindset during this period. She reveals that she’s not one to buckle under the pressure of having a yearly release. For Prachi, it’s not about constantly being in the spotlight. She believes in letting things flow naturally without stressing over staying relevant. Despite the industry’s dynamic nature, especially with the rise of social media, Prachi remains unfazed by any pressure to constantly be in the public eye.

Prachi Desai

Prachi addresses the gap between her last big-screen appearance and her return through digital platforms. She attributes part of this hiatus to the unforeseen circumstances brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Delays in projects coupled with the pandemic-induced lockdowns further extended this break. However, rather than dwelling on the past, Prachi embraced the opportunities that came her way during this time.

Prachi Desai On Rediscovering Passion For OTT

During this period, Prachi found joy in exploring the world of OTT platforms. She dived into various projects, relishing the diversity of roles offered. One standout experience was her Telugu debut in the web series Dhootha alongside Naga Chaitanya. Despite initial nerves, Prachi found herself immersed in a supportive environment. The cast and crew helped her navigate the challenges of working in a language she wasn’t familiar with, making it one of her most memorable experiences.

Prachi reflects on the process of working in a language she was unfamiliar with. She acknowledges the patience and support extended to her by the team, particularly the director Vikram. Their understanding and encouragement allowed her to find her rhythm and overcome the language barrier. It was a journey of growth and learning, highlighting the importance of collaboration and adaptability in the entertainment industry.

Through ups and downs, Prachi Desai’s career journey reflects resilience and a passion for her craft. Her willingness to embrace breaks and challenges speaks volumes about her dedication and love for acting. As she continues to explore new horizons, Prachi remains grounded, prioritizing personal growth and meaningful experiences over the pressures of stardom.

Prachi Desai’s story serves as a reminder that career pauses are not setbacks but opportunities for growth and self-discovery. In a world where success is often measured by constant visibility, Prachi’s journey stands as a testament to the power of perseverance and authenticity in the pursuit of one’s dreams.

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