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Raghav Sachar Collaborates With Wife Amita In ‘Acche Hain’, Rekindle On-Screen Magic

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Singer and musician Raghav Sachar’s latest track “Acche Hain” has achieved a remarkable milestone, amassing over 2.6 million hits. In a recent interview, Raghav expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming love and support the song has received.

“This song is very close to my heart,” shared Raghav Sachar. “Kumaar has penned heartfelt lyrics, and I composed the song quite some time ago. It is sung beautifully by Jyotica Tangri and me. We had a delightful time shooting the music video in the city of London. I am truly thankful to all of you for showering love and appreciation on ‘Acche Hain.”

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The track “Acche Hain” boasts a soulful composition by Raghav Sachar, accompanied by lyrics penned by Kumaar. The music video, directed by Sam Malhi, beautifully complements the song’s emotional essence. Raghav Sachar and Jyotica Tangri lend their soulful voices to this musical masterpiece, elevating its charm.

Actress Amita, Raghav Sachar’s real-life partner, also shared her experience of working on the song. “It was a wonderful experience. We have collaborated on several music videos in the past, but ‘Acche Hain’ marked our reunion after a long gap. I was eagerly looking forward to it, and it turned out to be quite exciting. The video was shot in London, where we combined vacation with work, making it all the more enjoyable.”

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The song “Acche Hain” beautifully showcases the on-screen chemistry and real-life bond of Raghav Sachar and Amita. Having tied the knot on 21st January 2014, “Acche Hain” proudly joins the list of Amita and Raghav’s  successful musical journey together.

“Acche Hain” is a celebration of love and the magic that music can create when it comes from the heart. As the song continues to captivate hearts, Raghav Sachar and Amita bask in the success of their heartfelt creation. 

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