Rajesh Khaana Drink and Parveen Babi would make drinks: Ranjeet’s Revelations

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Back in the glitzy days of Bollywood’s golden era, actor Ranjeet was at the heart of it all. Known for his villainous roles on screen, Ranjeet was also the host of some legendary parties that drew in all the big stars of the time.

Ranjeet’s Teetotaler Tale

Despite playing characters who indulged in drinking and smoking, Ranjeet himself never touched alcohol. Yep, you read that right. He was what you’d call a teetotaler. But that didn’t stop him from throwing some of the most happening parties in town.

The Hub of Bollywood

Ranjeet’s house in Juhu became the go-to spot for Bollywood’s elite. With its central location and welcoming atmosphere, it was the perfect place for stars to unwind and have a good time.

A Star-Studded Guest List

Everyone who was anyone in Bollywood would make their way to Ranjeet’s parties. From the dashing heroes to the glamorous leading ladies, it was a who’s who of the film industry. And it wasn’t just about the guys; the ladies knew how to party too!

Rajesh Khaana

Delicious Delights

Food was a big part of the festivities. Picture this: Reena Roy flipping paranthas, Parveen Babi mixing up drinks, Moushumi Chatterjee cooking up fish, and Neetu Kapoor dishing out bhindi. It was a feast fit for Bollywood royalty.

Rajesh Khanna’s Legendary Nights

One name that stood out among the partygoers was Rajesh Khanna. This superstar could down not one, but two whole bottles of alcohol in a single night! Talk about legendary partying!

Work Hard, Party Harder

Despite the late nights and early mornings, Ranjeet was a busy man. He’d work multiple shifts in a day, but when he got back home, the party was just getting started. He believed that a house filled with guests was a blessed one, and he made sure everyone felt welcome.

The Late-Rising Heroes

Ever wondered how these actors managed to function the next day after partying all night? Well, let’s just say they had their own schedule. Most of them wouldn’t even wake up until well past noon! But when duty called, they’d show up, grab a quick lunch, and get to work.


Ranjeet’s parties were the stuff of legends. With their star-studded guest list, delicious food, and non-stop fun, they captured the essence of Bollywood’s golden era. And Ranjeet, with his warmth and hospitality, was the perfect host for it all.

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