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Ranbir Kapoor Reveals the Advice Mukesh Ambani Gave Him That He Swears By!

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Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor recently received the best actor award in Mumbai. During his acceptance speech, he shared a valuable life lesson taught to him by entrepreneur Mukesh Ambani, also known as ‘Mukesh Bhai’. Ranbir revealed three simple rules and goals that he swears by, with advice from Mukesh Ambani being his inspiration. Let’s delve into these rules and understand their significance in Ranbir’s life.

Goal 1: Meaningful work with humility

At the event, Ranbir Kapoor proclaimed that his first goal in life is to engage in meaningful work with humility. He attributes this goal to the advice given by Mukesh Ambani, who has always emphasized the importance of remaining grounded despite achieving success. Ambani’s words, “Keep your head down and continue to work. Don’t take success to your head and failure to your heart,” have left a lasting impact on Ranbir. This mantra has helped him stay focused on his craft and maintain his humility throughout his journey as an actor.

Goal 2: Ranbir Kapoor on being a good person in life

Ranbir Kapoor’s second goal is to be a good person, not just to his own parents but to everyone he holds dear. Whether it be in the roles of a son, father, husband, or friend, Ranbir believes in the significance of fulfilling these responsibilities with love and sincerity. By valuing and cherishing the relationships in his life, he strives to create a positive impact on the people around him.

Goal 3: Being a good citizen and proud Mumbaikar

Lastly, Ranbir Kapoor expresses a strong desire to be a good citizen. He takes immense pride in being a Mumbaikar and believes in giving back to his community. Awards and recognition hold a special place in his heart as they symbolize the appreciation and acknowledgment he receives from the city he calls home. This goal reflects his commitment to being an active participant in society and contributing positively to its growth and development.

Ambani’s presence and support

Mukesh Ambani, a prominent guest at the event, was seen applauding and cheering for Ranbir as he accepted his award. The entrepreneur’s presence signifies the bond and mentorship shared between them. Ranbir’s acknowledgment of Ambani’s guidance and the values he instilled in him further highlights the profound impact Ambani has had on his life.

Ranbir’s successful year

The year 2023 proved to be an eventful one for Ranbir Kapoor. He started the year with the release of “Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar” in February, followed by his year-end blockbuster, “Animal.” The latter became one of the highest-grossing films of the year, cementing Ranbir’s position as a versatile actor. Looking ahead, Ranbeer is set to portray the iconic character of Lord Ram in Nitesh Tiwari’s “Ramayan,” alongside Sai Pallavi as Sita and Yash as Ravan. Additionally, he is collaborating with renowned filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali after 17 years for the upcoming film “Love and War,” which features Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal.

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Closing thoughts

Ranbir Kapoor’s acceptance speech not only showcased his gratitude for receiving the best actor award but also shed light on the life lessons he has imbibed from Mukesh Ambani. With a focus on meaningful work, being a good son, and being a responsible citizen, Ranbir has epitomized the values that Ambani imparted to him. As he continues to excel in his career, Ranbir Kapoor sets an example for others to follow – one of humility, gratitude, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the world around him.

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