Rashmika Mandanna and Salman Khan Pair Up in Sikandar!

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Salman Khan, Bollywood’s beloved Bhaijaan, is teaming up with the charming Rashmika Mandanna for his upcoming movie “Sikandar,” and fans are buzzing with anticipation. The announcement of this fresh pairing has sent social media into a frenzy, with fans eagerly awaiting their on-screen chemistry.

Rashmika Mandanna, fondly known as the National Crush, recently revealed her next Hindi film project, “Sikandar,” opposite Salman Khan. This announcement came as a delightful surprise, coinciding with the birthday of her rumored boyfriend, Vijay Deverakonda.

While this is their first film together, fans have previously glimpsed Salman Khan and Rashmika’s camaraderie on shows like Bigg Boss and during media events. Their dance performance to the hit song “Saami Saami” from “Pushpa: The Rise” left a lasting impression, igniting anticipation for their upcoming collaboration in “Sikandar.” With the backing of Sajid Nadiadwala and direction by Murugadoss Arunasalam, expectations are soaring high for this project.

Rashmika Mandanna’s Promising Lineup

Apart from “Sikandar,” Rashmika has an eventful year ahead with an array of exciting projects. She is set to star in the historical drama “Chaava” alongside Vicky Kaushal, as well as in “Pushpa 2: The Rule” opposite Allu Arjun. Additionally, audiences can look forward to seeing her in two consecutive female-centric films titled “Rainbow” and “The Girlfriend,” promising a diverse showcase of her talent.

The announcement of  Rashmika Mandanna’ and Salman Khan’s pairing in “Sikandar” has sparked immense excitement among fans. Their previous interactions have already hinted at their on-screen chemistry, making this collaboration highly anticipated. With Rashmika’s promising lineup of projects, audiences can expect a captivating cinematic experience in the months to come.

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