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Redefining Artistic Excellence, One Script At A Time: Vineet Kumar Singh’s Journey From Banaras To Mumbai

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In an age when the world of showbiz, glitters and glam coexist with debates on nepotism, it is refreshing to see actors carve out their niche without the proverbial silver spoon. Prior to their ascendance in their chosen profession and among the audience, everyone had their own challenges and experiences. One such name is actor Vineet Kumar Singh, who rose to fame from the movie ‘Mukkabaaz’. 

Vineet is one of those actors who has mastered the craft of writing and character development.  Mukkabaz was Vineet’s one such movie which he wrote himself along with his sister. With further polishing and guidance from the renowned director Anurag Kashyap, Mukkabaaz was a turning point for Vineet, receiving positive reviews with special praise for Vineet’s acting. He also wrote the script with Mukti Singh Srinet. Even more, it was nominated for Best Actor (Critics), Best Story for Anudeep Singh. Vikram Dahiya and Sunil Rodrigues won the award for Best Action. 

Vineet Kumar Singh, who recently appeared on Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, shared a lot of interesting things about his personal and professional life, his struggle, his stardom and the most important part- the force that drives him to inspire himself and others in the field.

The Mukkabaaz actor says, “The journey from Banaras to Mumbai was not easy. I had no idea where to start. So, after landing in Mumbai, I thought that at least being on a movie set would help. And therefore, I started my career as an assistant director. I learned a lot there. And, after the movie ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ release, I expected some more opportunities. But, when I saw none of this happening, I thought of writing for myself. That was the time I wrote Mukkabaaz with my sister.” 

In addition to his acting chops, Vineet has also proved his talent for writing. He has written some songs and raps including the movies Hathiyaar, Ugly, Mukkabaaz and one for Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Vineet attributes these skills to his hometown, how it has an impact in his life and Vineet’s own opinion about life and career. 

In regard to his interest in acting Vineet said, “Like every other kid, I have also done all the things which a kid does like studying, playing, and all, but as an actor whenever I did acting, there was a different kind of happiness. A satisfaction, an awareness in myself that I don’t have to put extra effort in this like any other things. I became conscious about my feelings, and then I realized that I would like to pursue this as my career, which I don’t get tired of.” 

We agree with Vineet, the work that gives you satisfaction is the work you should never leave. Keep your passion alive to be alive. After all, you get only one life to live. Vineet also shared about his tough days when he used to cry under pillow and how he dealt with those tough times. He also disclosed some additional intriguing information and his slated projects. Vineet is a real inspiration to us as we get to know him more closely and we see him as a role model to youths. 

Stay tuned to to know the detailed story of the actor and his life journey.

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