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Redefining Success: How A Small Role Of “Tinka Singh” Catapulted Adhyayan Suman To New Heights

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Adhyayan Suman, a multi-talented actor, singer, and director, is all set to make a powerful comeback in 2023 with a lineup of exciting projects. However, it was his portrayal of “Tinka Singh” in the popular web series “Aashram” that truly transformed his career, opening doors to new opportunities and challenges. In a recent interview on Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, Adhyayan Suman, accompanied by his friend and musician Harshit Chauhan, discussed his upcoming ventures and the significant role that Tinka Singh played in shaping his career.

Suman is ecstatic about the projects he has in the pipeline for this year, although he didn’t disclose the name of the prominent filmmaker he is currently working with. It’s evident that his journey is reaching new heights, and fans are eagerly anticipating his forthcoming works.

Among his recent projects, “Inspector Avinash,” in which he stars alongside Randeep Hooda, has already been released on Jio Cinema. Additionally, Suman has completed other noteworthy OTT films, such as “Conman” and “Interact.” He is also preparing for his debut in South Indian movies and eagerly awaits an announcement for a groundbreaking show in the coming 20 weeks. Furthermore, Suman has plans to venture into directing, showcasing his versatility across various creative fields.

The turning point in Adhyayan Suman’s career came with his role as Tinka Singh in the web series “Aashram.” During a period of professional uncertainty in 2019, Suman received an offer from the acclaimed director Prakash Jha to be a part of the project. Tinka Singh, although a relatively small part in terms of screen time, made a huge impact in the first season of “Aashram.” In fact, Suman’s portrayal of the character was as much of a hit as the lead role played by Bobby Deol. The success of his character in just one scene led to numerous offers for significant film roles.

For Adhyayan Suman, the size of a role is not what matters most; it’s the impact it creates. The experience of playing Tinka Singh in “Aashram” made him realize that even a small role can leave a lasting impression on the audience. While he initially wished for more screen time, the character’s limited presence did not hinder its popularity. Sometimes, less is more, and Suman’s portrayal of Tinka Singh resonated deeply with viewers.

While initially disappointed with smaller roles, Suman’s father, Shekhar Suman, helped him see the significance of Tinka Singh in his career. He now embraces diverse opportunities and hopes for roles with more screen time while appreciating the impact of well-executed smaller roles.

Adhyayan’s latest music video, “Wanna Be With You,” in collaboration with Harshit Chauhan, has garnered a positive response. However, he was deeply saddened by the tragic loss of actress Vaibhavi Upadhyaya in a road accident. Adhyayan paid tribute to her and cherishes their memories together.

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