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Separating Fact From Fiction: Akshay Laxman’s Advice On Supernatural Claims

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Renowned Indian mentalist and magician, Akshay Laxman, has astounded many Bollywood celebrities such as Sanjay Dutt, Shah Rukh Khan, and Shraddha Kapoor with his extraordinary magical abilities. Recently, he showcased his incredible powers of illusion to Hollywood actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, leaving him highly impressed and surprised. 

However, in a candid conversation with Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, Akshay Laxman shed light on the potential dangers of misconstruing his talents as genuine supernatural powers, urging the public to exercise caution and avoid falling prey to fraudulent individuals who exploit such beliefs.

“I am very sensitive about the idea of people assuming that I have power,” Akshay Laxman emphasized during the interview. He expressed concerns about the implications that arise when individuals perceive him as possessing supernatural abilities. His apprehension stemmed from the fact that such assumptions can lead people down a dangerous path, where they become vulnerable to deception and harm.

Akshay Laxman gave an example to illustrate the potential risks, “There are people who watch my shows and then they think that supernatural stuff actually exists. And, they can’t reach me, so what they do is, they start searching for people like me – people who might claim to have powers.”

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Akshay Laxman cautioned against such actions, warning that individuals seeking proof of supernatural phenomena may unwittingly fall victim to fraudulent individuals who take advantage of their beliefs.

It is Akshay Laxman’s ardent plea for people to exercise discernment and critical thinking when encountering claims of supernatural powers. He stressed that his own abilities are rooted in skill, practice, and the art of illusion. Akshay Laxman’s intention has always been to entertain and captivate audiences, not to foster unfounded beliefs in the supernatural realm.

He encourages individuals to be skeptical and rely on rational explanations, rather than seeking validation through dubious sources.

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