Shaan Reflects on the 20th Anniversary of “Kya Maine Socha (One Love)”: A Journey of Collaboration and Impact

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Shaan recently shared his thoughts on the milestone of his song “Kya Maine Socha (One Love)” completing 20 years. This track holds a special place in his heart and remains one of his most beloved songs.

Back in the day, Shaan had the opportunity to collaborate with the British band Blue on this iconic song. Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t a mere recreation or remix. Instead, it was a true collaboration where they crafted a Hindi version of the song.

The journey of “Kya Maine Socha (One Love)” began unexpectedly. Shaan recalls how the band Blue was touring in Asia, promoting their single “One Love.” During this time, musicians from various parts of Asia, including Shaan from India, came together to record a cover of the song. They all lent their voices to the chorus, marking the start of something special.

As Shaan headed to the studio for dubbing, inspiration struck. He decided to add a few more lines to the song, fitting it seamlessly with his ongoing album project, “Aksar.” The lyrics of the Hindi version remained true to the original, serving as a direct translation.

Shaan On Cinematic Journey

“Kya Maine Socha (One Love)” found its way into the 2004 movie “Rakht,” starring Abhishek Bachchan and Bipasha Basu. Shaan emphasizes that the song wasn’t just any item number; it carried a deeper message about love and unity, especially in the wake of the 9/11 incident in the US.

Even after two decades, the magic of “Kya Maine Socha (One Love)” hasn’t faded. Shaan continues to perform it at his concerts, receiving an overwhelming response from the audience. He fondly remembers Simon Webbe, a member of Blue, praising the Hindi rendition and encouraging its inclusion in Shaan’s album “Aksar.”

Shaan's song

Reflecting on the song’s success, Shaan admits that he never predicted its impact. The original track by Blue was already a massive hit, and the collaboration only amplified its reach. Its inclusion in “Rakht” further cemented its place in the hearts of the audience. Shaan believes in the power of creating music without worrying about its reception, trusting that if something is meant to resonate, it will find its way.

As Shaan celebrates two decades of “Kya Maine Socha (One Love),” he looks back on a journey filled with collaboration, creativity, and unexpected success. The song continues to enchant listeners, serving as a reminder of the timeless power of music to unite hearts and spread love.

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