Shaan makes Boston Concert Shaandaar! Jay-Ho presents you the Musicale Highlights

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Rockstar Shaan stole the show at the Boston concert on 7th October. Here are some highlights from the musical night!

Shaan made a terrific entry on stage with the Don title song. He immediately grabbed the attention of his audience with this peppy Bollywood number. The crowd started swaying as he moved from fast-tempo songs to slow beats. Shaan’s graceful yet energetic vibe, his way of controlling the stage, welcoming the female artist, June Banerjee, and engaging superbly with the audience was what a maestro like him could only do. 

Shaan’s magic mesmerized the Boston crowd who started jiving with him becoming a part of the musical performance. It was a solo performance of the great artist yet he made it like it was a performance of him and his audience together!

Moments from the concert recorded to relive and cherish in the future 

The host Jay-Ho! along with the sponsors left no stone unturned to turn the evening into an unforgettable memory for the spectators. Jay-Ho! has even recorded the concert moments in their popular talk show, The Jay Kumar Show. Also, captured are the audience’s enthusiasm in Jay-Ho‘s recorded videos. 

Shaan, A Powerhouse Performer

Shaan proved once again what a powerhouse performer he is! From presenting one after another of his superhit songs to the Boston crowd he covered the best works of his career. 

One of the specialties of Shaan is his evergreen voice and that’s the reason people from all age groups love his songs. That night too, men and women from all age groups were seen cherishing each moment of the concert. 

The vibrant personality of Shaan makes him both a superstar and a relatable person. His marvelous voice is a reflection of his charming persona. In all, the Boston concert was a magical night of music, dance, joy, and togetherness. 

Can’t get enough of Shaan? Here’s more of him for You!

The versatile singer Shaan appeared in the USA’s most popular talk show, The Jay Kumar Show a while before the concert. The show with the motto, “Motivation and Inspiration With A Tadka Of Entertainment” brings out the less-known side of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities. Catch up with Shaan’s interview in which he revealed more about his life and inspirations and talked about music, his journey, mental health, his life mantra and so much more! 

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