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Shahid Mallya: Redefining Musical Boundaries And Embracing Typecasting

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Shahid Mallya, the versatile singer known for his command over various genres, discusses his collaboration with Shahid Kapoor in the film “Bloody Daddy.”

Shahid, who previously worked with Shahid Kapoor on the hit track “Ikk kudi” in Udta Punjab, expresses his excitement about joining the talented actor once again. He believes that their mutual love for Punjabi music plays a significant role in creating songs that are loved by the audiences and swiftly climb the music charts.

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In their latest collaboration for “Bloody Daddy,” Shahid lends his voice to the energetic dance number “Baari barsi.” The primary objective was to craft a highly enjoyable song that would keep listeners tapping their feet throughout. 

Reflecting on his career, Shahid acknowledges his good fortune in being able to showcase his versatility by singing folk, qawwali, love ballads, and Punjabi songs. While many artists are often typecast and limited in their musical exploration, Shahid embraces his versatility and refuses to be confined to a single style.

The singer emphasizes the importance of being open to experimentation and not fearing being labeled. He believes that true growth and enrichment as an artist come from exploring different musical avenues and pushing creative boundaries.

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