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Sharib Hashmi’s New Look In ‘Afwaah’ Will Leave You Surprised And Intrigued

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Sharib Hashmi is all set to break his previous mould of comedic roles and take on a more serious and angsty character in the upcoming film ‘Afwaah’, set to hit theaters on May 5th. The film, directed by Sudhir Mishra and produced by Anubhav Sinha, revolves around the dangers of rumours and how they can wreak havoc on people’s lives.

Sharib Hashmi‘s character in the film is central to the story, and the actor has truly transformed himself for the role. His look in the film channels his inner angry man, with a sharp and brooding appearance that perfectly captures the essence of the character.

Gone are the days of Sharib’s clean-shaven, boy-next-door look. In ‘Afwaah’, he sports a rugged beard and intense gaze that hint at the turmoil within his character. The actor’s styling and wardrobe choices have also been carefully crafted to suit the role, with leather jackets and distressed denim adding to the character’s edgy vibe.

Sharib’s performance in ‘Afwaah’ is expected to be one of his finest to date, with the actor pushing himself to portray a complex and emotionally charged character. Fans of the actor are eagerly anticipating the film’s release to see Sharib in action and witness his transformation into a more dramatic and serious role.

Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show is sure about Sharib to be delivering a performance that is sure to impress audiences. With a powerful appearance and intense gaze, Sharib’s character in the film promises to be one of his most memorable to date.

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