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Singer & Music Composer Harshit Chauhan On Friendship With Aditya Narayan, Recalls College Days

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As the quote goes, “A friend who understands your tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who only know your smile.” 

In many aspects of our lives, these words ring true. Your true friend is someone who remains by your side through the worst storm. Calling yourself fortunate if you have a great friend is fair. Lately, promising artist Harshit Chauhan recalled his time spent with his friend Aditya Narayan in an interview. Harshit explained how Aditya was always there for him, no matter what.

Harshit recalled their friendship and said, “Aditya Narayan is my close friend. We have been friends since our college days. Aditya and I used to sleep over. Along with being friends, we are also very well-matched professionally. Working with him is amazing. He is a professional, thus he didn’t need any instructions before recording any songs. He always shows up well-prepared.

Harshit’s comments highlight their close connection. Harshit said, “He has backed me in everything.” when speaking of the support he received from Aditya. He helped me financially when I was in need at a previous point in time. He treats everyone with the utmost professionalism, which is why I admire him. He is multi-talented, and we get along really well.”

Harshit Chauhan talked about the city tour they conducted during the release of Aditya’s movie ‘Shaapit’. Singer continued, “During Shaapit’s release, Aditya and a few of our close friends toured in 6-7 cities to promote the movie’s songs. But because we all diversified into separate careers, we were unable to push that band forward. But we stay in touch.

The dream collaboration 

Like everyone else, Harshit has a dream to work with Shankar Mahadevan and Sonu Nigam, two musical giants. He says, “My dream collaboration will be with Shankar Mahadevan. He is the singer I consider to be the most accomplished in the industry. I look up to him. He will always be a complete singer and can sing with western, classical, or even carnatic artists. My ideal OG Studios collaboration would also include Sonu Nigam.

Singer, songwriter, and arranger Harshit Chauhan has well-known collaborations with popular musicians including Aditya Narayan, Divya Kumar, Pratibha Singh Baghel, and Salman Ali. Harshit wants independent music to be more broadly acknowledged in the music industry with the help of OG Studios.

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