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Sireesha Bhagavatula Talks About The Interesting Studio Scene In Qala, Praises Tripti Dimri On Her Performance

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Netflix release Qala has not only entranced the audience with its storyline, but its exquisite songs have also carved out a special place in everyone’s hearts. The songs “Ghodey Pe Sawar,” “Rubaaiyaan,” and “Phero na Najariya,” which were filmed on actress Tripti Dimri, are sung by the very talented and melodious singer Sireesha Bhagavatula. While watching the movie, one cannot help but notice Tripti’s hand movements in the scene of the music studio. The actress is seen gesticulating in the same way singers use their hands during the performing of an alap. Now, Sireesha has clarified if Tripti’s movements in the scene were scripted or spontaneous. 

During an interview with host Jay Kumar at Jay-ho! The Jay Kumar Show, Sireesha gave an intriguing account of how Tripti Dimri expertly captured both her tune and her body language. 

Sireesha praises Tripti Dimri, the actress from Qala. She continues, “Actress Tripti Dimri thoroughly observed me and replicated my motions that I do while I record or sing any song. She is an incredibly talented actress, and the way she acted in the music studio moments with my body language was superb.”

Well, Qala, not only featured the role of a passionate and ardent singer, but also Sireesha’s singing style was depicted in the film. It is an enormous honor to give viewers a glimpse of the singer who is the voice behind these hit tunes.

Sireesha also discussed how, following her elimination from the reality shows, her luck changed and she was given the opportunity to work with prominent musicians like AR Rahman, Amit Trivedi, and in the legendary film director Mani Ratnam’s movie PS1. Sireesha remarked “I was in Rahman Sir’s studio the day after I was eliminated from Super Singer Telugu, and I was in Amit Trivedi Sir’s studio the week after I was eliminated from Indian Idol. So, take it as fate that I always received incredible opportunities after being evicted from a reality show.”

Sireesha Bhagavatula has had a fantastic musical career thus far, and her fans and admirers may be listening to more of her songs in the days to come. Stay tuned to to learn more about Sireesha and her future tracks.

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