Heartfelt Birthday Wishes Pour In for Smriti Irani from Mouni Roy and Ekta Kapoor

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Birthdays are special, and when it comes to celebrating someone as influential and cherished as Smriti Irani, the love and warm wishes overflow. Recently, Mouni Roy and Ekta Kapoor took to their Instagram handles to express their heartfelt wishes for the beloved actor-politician on her special day.

Mouni Roy, known for her captivating performances, shared a beautiful message alongside endearing pictures with Smriti Irani. Expressing her admiration, Mouni conveyed how she has always looked up to Smriti, considering her a role model. The shared snapshots radiate joy, capturing moments of closeness between the two. Mouni’s words resonate with sincerity as she expresses her love and admiration, wishing for Smriti’s utmost happiness and well-being.

Smriti Irani

Ekta Kapoor, the powerhouse producer behind numerous successful ventures, also joined in the celebration. She shared a heartfelt video compilation featuring Smriti, accompanied by the iconic theme song of the legendary TV show “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.” In her message, Ekta affectionately refers to Smriti as her darling friend, sister, family, and ex-colleague, underlining the depth of their bond. Ekta’s wish carries a sense of pride and admiration, coupled with a touch of playful banter, reflecting their shared history and camaraderie.

The connection between Smriti Irani, Mouni Roy, and Ekta Kapoor traces back to the iconic television saga “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.” In this celebrated show produced by Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Telefilms, Smriti portrayed the formidable character of Tulsi Virani, earning widespread acclaim for her portrayal. Mouni Roy, on the other hand, essayed the role of Krishna Tulsi Virani, leaving an indelible mark on her performance. The show, spanning from 2000 to 2008, became a cultural phenomenon, captivating audiences with its compelling narrative and memorable characters. Through its success, it forged lasting bonds between its cast and crew, exemplified by the enduring friendship between Smriti, Mouni, and Ekta.

The affection and admiration shared by Mouni Roy and Ekta Kapoor towards Smriti Irani transcend professional boundaries, embodying the essence of true friendship and respect. Their heartfelt birthday wishes serve as a testament to the impact Smriti has had on their lives, both personally and professionally. As they celebrate Smriti’s special day, they reminisce about the cherished memories they have created together, bound by their shared journey in the world of entertainment.

In a world often marked by fleeting connections, the enduring bond between Smriti Irani, Mouni Roy, and Ekta Kapoor stands as a beacon of genuine friendship and mutual admiration. As they continue to navigate their respective paths, their unwavering support and affection for each other serve as a source of strength and inspiration. On this auspicious occasion, their heartfelt wishes illuminate the significance of treasured relationships, reminding us of the joy found in celebrating the milestones of those we hold dear.

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