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Sonali Kulkarni’s Riveting Play White Lilly & Night Rider Set To Feature Across The US, Mark These Dates On Your Calendar

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Actress Sonali Kulkarni has been a noted performer of the film industry for many years now and has treated the audience with her talented acting and gorgeous looks. While many know for her superb performances in Hindi, Marathi, and Kannada films, few know about Sonali’s venture into production with her home production Sokul, founded in 2014. With Sokul, she has produced and performed in the play White Lilly & Night Rider in Marathi and Hinglish. 

Within a decade, the play has gone onto the global stage with around 550 shows in the UK, Thailand, Canada and many other countries. Earning a loyal audience and fan following, the play is set to debut in the US from 24th March to 15th April 2023.

In an exclusive conversation with Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, Sonali Kulkarni shared details about the US tour and her upcoming projects. Sonali mentioned the play’s tour has been organized by Para Share Entertainment with 17 shows in all of the major metro cities. Speaking about how the US shows came to be, Sonali said, “Our tour has been organized by our friend Harshad Parashare who is also the head of Para Share Entertainment, and he is the one who has invited our play to the US. We are so thankful to Harshad.” She also expressed her happiness at how even though the tour is a month away, the shows are on the verge of being sold out. 

Originally scripted in Marathi in 2009, the play White Lilly and Night Rider was written, directed and acted by Late Marathi actress and Sonali Kulkarni’s friend Rasika Joshi alongside Milind Phatak. It was after the sad demise of Rasika in 2012, Sonali stepped in her shoes in 2014 as she took the challenge to prove that the show must go on. Even after 14 years, the play comes off as fresh with relevant content that discusses the  nuances of relationships in the fast paced world. 

What’s the story?

Giving a brief intro about the play, Sonali said, “Right from the title to its subject, it’s a humorous play. The play is about a girl who thinks she is White Lilly and a boy who thinks he is a cool Night Rider. These two people are so lost in their own world of personal egos, that they don’t understand that they are hurting each other. They want to fall in love but they can’t because they have their own agendas as a priority. It is about our story, it is about today’s people, our bonds and the way we are not able to coexist happily. We live together but we are struggling quite a lot. This play is a humorous take on the situation around us, any country, any language, any caste, any religion, any profession, it applies to everybody.” 

Mark these dates on the calendar 

The play White Lilly and Night Rider will be held from 24th March to 15th April 2023. The shows will be organized in Raleigh, Houston, San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, New Jersey, Dallas, Phoenix, and Washington DC.

March 24- Raleigh NC (Marathi)

March 25- Houston TX (Marathi)

March 26- Dallas TX (Hinglish)

March 30- San Diego CA (Hinglish)

March 31- Phoneix AZ (Marathi)

April 01- Seattle WA (Marathi-Hinglish)

April 02- San Jose CA (Marathi-Hinglish)

April 07- Detroit MI & Boston (Hinglish)

April 08- Chicago IL (Marathi)

April 09- Washington DC (Marathi)

April 14- Atlanta GA (Hinglish)

April 15- New Jersey (Hinglish)

Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, wishes all the best to Sonali Kulkarni and the team of White Lilly and Night Rider. We are excited to see you here in the US and we are sure that the audience is surely going to love it. 

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