Sonu Sood Casts Hearing-Impaired Roadies Contestant In ‘Fateh’ – Here’s What We Know!

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Sonu Sood continues to make headlines with his remarkable acts of kindness and now with his upcoming film, ‘Fateh’. At present the actor is hosting the latest season of MTV Roadies, where he encountered a contestant named Shumbham during auditions. Shumbham, who is hearing-impaired and hails from Ghaziabad, caught Sonu’s attention with his resolute determination.

Known for his compassionate nature, Sonu Sood went the extra mile to fulfill Shumbham’s dream of becoming an actor. In a heartfelt gesture, Sonu offered Shumbham a role in his own home production, ‘Fateh’. Sonu Sood has been a great social worker during the challenging times of COVID 19. His relentless contributions, active participation and motivation to the masses cannot be thanked enough. Sonu Sood has already proved that he is a humanitarian first and his superstar persona is only a second self. And now, recognizing a true talent in Shumbham of MTV Roadies, the star didn’t hesitate to think twice before offering the incredible offer!

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‘Fateh’ – A New Dream for a Rising Talent!

While maintaining a tough and disciplined persona on Roadies, Sonu Sood consistently reveals his compassionate side. As he embarks on the nineteenth season, he continues to surprise viewers with his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact.

Shumbham, a teenager with special needs, deeply touched Sonu’s heart with his sincerity and unwavering determination to pursue a career in acting. Sonu, a strong advocate for equal opportunities, recognized the importance of empowering individuals like Shumbham.

The show is set to embark on a journey from Kurukshetra, passing through Patiala, Chail, Kullu, and Sissu, and culminating in Kaza. Apart from Sonu as the host, the gang leaders for this season include Prince Narula, Gautam Gulati, and Rhea Chakraborty.

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Sonu Sood Opens Up About ‘Fateh’

Expressing his enthusiasm about the show, Sonu stated, “I’m ecstatic to be a part of the genre-defining adventure reality show MTV Roadies once again. The show captures the spirit of youth and redefines adventure. With the new season, this journey of challenges and triumphs, guided by Gang Leaders Prince, Gautam, and Rhea, will test the physical, emotional, and mental strength of the Roadies at every level. Fans will be on the edge of their seats.”

Sonu Sood’s compassionate gesture towards Shumbham on MTV Roadies highlights his dedication to making a positive impact in people’s lives. As the show progresses, viewers can expect an exhilarating journey filled with challenges.

Sonu Sood’s contributions to society have been nothing short of remarkable. From providing education and healthcare facilities to underprivileged children to initiating various initiatives for the welfare of migrant workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, he has consistently shown his commitment to making a difference.

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Sonu Sood’s Contributions

One of his notable initiatives was the provision of transportation for thousands of stranded migrant workers across the country during the nationwide lockdown. Sonu Sood arranged buses, trains, and flights to ensure that these workers could reach their homes safely. This selfless act not only provided immediate relief to those in need but also garnered widespread appreciation and admiration.

Closing thoughts

Additionally, Sonu Sood has been actively involved in promoting education. He has sponsored the education of numerous students and has supported various schools and educational institutions. His efforts to build a better future for the younger generation showcase his genuine concern for the well-being of society as a whole.

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