Sonu Sood Cheers for Chandrababu Naidu’s Victory!

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You know Sonu Sood, right? That actor who’s become a real-life hero for many? Well, turns out he’s also got some thoughts on politics, although he says he’s not planning to jump into the political arena. But that doesn’t stop him from sharing his views now and then. Recently, he took to social media to congratulate Chandrababu Naidu, a well-known leader, for winning big in the state elections. Naidu is a veteran in the political scene, especially in Andhra Pradesh, and his recent win has only strengthened his position as a respected leader.

Sonu Sood’s Heartfelt Message

So, what did Sonu Sood say exactly? He simply wrote, “Congratulations sir @ncbn,” showing his support and respect for Naidu’s achievement. And guess what? Naidu replied with a gracious “Thank you very much @sonusood Garu.” It’s nice to see this exchange of respect between two influential figures, isn’t it?

Here’s something interesting: Sonu Sood and Chandrababu Naidu go way back. Naidu personally called Sood once to express his gratitude for helping out farmers and even providing a tractor to a needy farmer in Andhra Pradesh. It’s heartwarming to see leaders acknowledging acts of kindness, isn’t it?

sonu sood's Fateh

Now, let’s switch gears to Sonu Sood’s professional life. Did you know he’s stepping into the director’s chair for the first time? Yep, he’s directing a movie called ‘Fateh,’ and it’s going to be big. Think Hollywood-style action sequences with an Indian twist. Exciting, right? The film features Jacqueline Fernandez in a leading role and has been shot in some amazing locations around the world.

And there’s more! Sonu Sood recently welcomed the legendary actor Naseeruddin Shah on board for ‘Fateh.’ Can you imagine the honor it must have been for Sonu to direct someone he’s admired for so long? He shared a behind-the-scenes picture and wrote, “Directing someone I have admired all my life was so special. You will be proud of FATEH sir.” Shah will be playing the role of a hacker in the movie, which revolves around cybercrime. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Sonu Sood’s Upcoming Movie

Excited to watch ‘Fateh’? You won’t have to wait much longer! Produced by Sonu Sood’s Shakti Sagar Productions and Zee Studios, the film is set to hit the screens this year. Get ready for an action-packed ride filled with drama, suspense, and, of course, Sonu Sood’s directorial magic.

So, there you have it—a glimpse into Sonu Sood’s latest adventures, both in the political arena and on the silver screen. From congratulating leaders to making blockbuster movies, he’s truly a man of many talents. And with ‘Fateh’ on the horizon, it looks like there’s even more excitement in store. Stay tuned for updates, and let’s continue cheering for Sonu Sood as he continues to make a difference, both on and off the screen!

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