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Sonu Sood Confronted With Questions In ‘Aap Ki Adalat’, Displays His Uncensored Self

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Like most celebrities before him, actor-humanitarian Sonu Sood appeared on India TV’s popular segment, “Aap ki Adalat,” hosted by Editor-in-Chief and Chairman Rajat Sharma. In the episode, the actor offered a detailed and uncensored glimpse into everything- from his reputation in Bollywood to aiding people during the COVID outbreak to his professional issues. 

Admirably for him, Sonu Sood gave transparent and genuine answers to all questions posed by Rajat Sharma. One of the burning questions asked was about his intention regarding joining politics, given his humanitarian work and reputation among people. Infact, Sonu Sood revealed that Priyanka Gandhi and Smriti Irani had specially called him and praised his work. To this question, the actor firmly denied any intentions of running for politics saying that he “is not prepared for this at this point.” 

Sonu was also questioned on the funding for his humanitarian work helping students, workers, and other migrants during the pandemic. Given that he arranged buses, aircraft, and trains, it must have cost a huge sum of money. Sonu categorically and transparently revealed how he managed this situation- namely, leveraging his brand and image to bring in money through sponsorships. From the start of this venture, he knew that a huge amount of money was needed to keep it sustainable. “I sought assistance from brand sponsors, hospitals for doctors, colleges for teachers, and pharmaceutical firms. I offered my free appearance for their brands.” 

He also revealed some of the impediments and discouragements he faced- people advised to choose any one sector rather than distribute his energy everywhere. Other NGOs called him and told him that his efforts wouldn’t succeed in a nation of 130 crore people. However, “I can’t refuse the needy who line up outside my home.” Since then, there has been no looking back as evident from his confidence in his ability to help people. “I can provide education, get patients treated, arrange jobs. You ring me up, I will do it.” Indeed, the question only revealed how goodness and philanthropy is a self-sustaining process when done in the right way. On hearing this, when the host asked him whether he was a Robin Hood or Superman, Sonu Sood very humbly answered, “Common Man Hoon Sir.”

Another sensitive point that was touched upon was the Income Tax surveys at his place. Lasting for four days, last year the income tax agents visited his house and found nothing. Infact, Sonu revealed that the agents were surprised to see that none of the cabinets or drawers had locks and even the doors didn’t have any latches. Sonu mentioned that the necessary paperwork had been delivered to the department in response to the query regarding the Central Board of Direct Taxes’ assertions.

Well, with this interview, Sonu has sealed his reputation as the genuine hero of the masses who justly deserves the appellation of the Messiah. Stay tuned to to know more about Sonu Sood’s upcoming projects and latest news updates. 

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