Adhyayan Suman And Harshit Chauhan

Soulful Synergy: Adhyayan Suman And Harshit Chauhan’s Mesmerizing Collaboration In ‘Wanna Be With You

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Adhyayan Suman, the talented actor and singer, has once again teamed up with the musical genius of Harshit Chauhan to showcase their artistic prowess in their latest music video, “Wanna Be With You.” This romantic pop ballad features the stunning Heera Sohal alongside Adhyayan and has has caused quite a stirr in the music arena, amassing over a million hits within a day of its release. 

Directed and conceptualized by Adhyayan Suman himself, “Wanna Be With You” promises to strike an emotional chord with listeners from all walks of life. The song beautifully captures the essence of love, longing, and the desire for a profound connection. Adhyayan Suman’s soulful vocals, combined with Harshit Chauhan’s expert composition, and heartfelt lyrics penned by Avinash Chouhan flawlessly convey the emotions depicted in the lyrics, allowing the song to resonate with anyone who has experienced the magic of falling in love. Adding to the song’s allure, the song features the enchanting voice of Priya Mallick.  

Harshit Chauhan’s musical expertise as a composer and arranger shines through, creating a captivating sound that complements the song’s theme. Having worked with renowned musicians like Aditya Narayan, Divya Kumar, and Salman Ali, Chauhan’s collaboration with Adhyayan Suman once again demonstrates his talent and creativity in delivering a memorable musical experience.

Shot in Birmingham, “Wanna Be With You” perfectly captures the palpable chemistry between Adhyayan and Heera Sohal, heightening the romantic ambiance portrayed in the song. The picturesque backdrop enhances the visual appeal, creating a feast for the eyes. 

Adhyayan Suman’s decade-long collaboration with Harshit Chauhan as his music producer has proven to be a successful partnership. “Wanna Be With You” serves as one of the initial releases from their EP album, signaling the beginning of a musical journey that showcases their collective talent and versatility. As Adhyayan and Harshit continue to establish themselves as multi-talented artists, fans eagerly await the release of the remaining tracks from their EP album.

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