Sydney Sweeney Tells All on The Drew Barrymore Show

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Sydney Sweeney, the actress from the new movie Immaculate, stopped by The Drew Barrymore Show recently. She spoke with fans and shared some stories from her life.

Sydney Sweeney Talks About Her Audience Questions

During the show, Sydney answered questions from the audience. One person asked about her special talent, while another wanted to know what she had for breakfast.

Most Embarrassing Audition

One question stood out: Sydney was asked about her most embarrassing audition experience. She didn’t hesitate to share a cringe-worthy moment from her past.

Sydney recounted a nerve-wracking audition for a role on an ABC Family show. At just 14 years old, she was testing for a recurring guest star role. Normally, her auditions were with just one person, the casting director. But this time, there was a whole table of people watching her.

Feeling the pressure, Sydney froze up and forgot her lines. Despite their encouragement, she couldn’t shake off the nerves. Eventually, she broke down in tears and had to ask if she could leave. It was a moment she’d never forget.

Breakfast of Champions

Switching gears to lighter topics, Sydney talked about her breakfast. She described a delicious treat called taiyaki, a fish-shaped croissant filled with Nutella. She couldn’t stop raving about how warm, gooey, and yummy it was. Clearly, it’s her go-to breakfast choice.

Sydney Sweeney

Weird Talents

Sydney also shared a fun fact about herself: she’s ambidextrous. That means she can use both hands equally well. It’s a quirky talent that sets her apart.

Starstruck Moment

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Sydney received a video message from Awkwafina during the show. She was completely starstruck by the surprise and couldn’t contain her excitement.

Promoting Immaculate

Currently, Sydney is busy promoting her new horror movie, Immaculate. It’s an exciting time for her career, and she’s eager to share this spooky flick with audiences everywhere.


From embarrassing auditions to delicious breakfasts and quirky talents, Sydney Sweeney’s appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show was filled with fun moments. Despite the nerves and challenges she’s faced, Sydney’s charm and talent shine through. And with Immaculate hitting theaters soon, there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing more of this rising star.

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