Tarla Review: A Heartwarming Culinary Journey With Stellar Performances By Huma Qureshi And Sharib Hashmi

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In the world of culinary legends, Tarla Dalal reigns as an iconic name that is known to almost every Indian. Director Piyush Gupta masterfully brings her inspiring journey to life in the film ‘Tarla’, where Huma Qureshi impeccably portrays the renowned chef. However, it is Sharib Hashmi’s captivating depiction of Nalin Dalal, Tarla’s supportive husband, that adds an extra layer of brilliance to the narrative.

Piyush Gupta adopts a simplistic storytelling approach that allows the true essence of Tarla’s remarkable transformation to shine through without unnecessary complexities. The film’s narrative is as comforting and heartwarming as a homemade meal, prepared with love and devoid of unnecessary frills. The narrative maintains a light and breezy tone throughout, showcasing Tarla’s growth and celebrating the profound friendship and love shared between Tarla and Nalin.

Huma Qureshi’s performance as Tarla is nothing short of commendable. Although she may not bear a physical resemblance to the culinary icon, Huma flawlessly captures Tarla’s mannerisms, effortlessly immersing herself into the character. The subtlety and nuance in her portrayal beautifully highlight the strength of the script, allowing Huma Qureshi’s talent to shine.

Talking about Sharib Hashmi, the actor effortlessly transitions from moments of happiness to moments of frustration, showcasing his spontaneity and natural acting prowess. Given Nalin’s less public persona, Sharib finds room to improvise, resulting in a truly delightful performance that is a treat for the audience.

‘Tarla’ presents itself as a well-crafted dish, comforting and easily digestible, with a generous serving of flavor. While the narrative remains straightforward, the film excels in capturing the essence of Tarla’s journey and celebrating the unwavering support and love of her husband, portrayed brilliantly by Sharib Hashmi.

Overall, ‘Tarla’ is a heartwarming cinematic experience that beautifully pays tribute to Tarla Dalal’s extraordinary achievements. Huma Qureshi’s nuanced portrayal and Sharib Hashmi’s exceptional performance elevate the film, making it a delightful treat for audiences. Director Piyush Gupta’s simplistic storytelling approach successfully captures the essence of Tarla’s rise to fame, leaving viewers inspired and deeply moved by her extraordinary culinary journey.

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