Telugu Horror Flick “Mangalavaaram” Now Gaining TRP on TV

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Ajay Bhupathi’s latest horror flick, Mangalavaaram, made its highly anticipated television debut recently, captivating audiences with its gripping storyline and stellar performances. Let’s delve deeper into the success and impact of this thrilling film.

A Closer Look at “Mangalavaaram

  • Mangalavaaram, directed by Ajay Bhupathi, hit the silver screens on November 17, 2022, leaving a lasting impression on viewers with its original narrative. Bhupathi, known for his previous work in RX100, once again showcased his directorial prowess by delivering a compelling storyline that resonated with audiences.
  • Starring Payal Rajput, Priyadarshi, and Krishna Chaitanya, the film received accolades from both fans and critics alike. The talented ensemble cast, led by Rajput’s exceptional performance, brought the characters to life and added depth to the storyline.

Digital Success and TV Debut

  • After its theatrical release, Mangalavaaram quickly made its mark on the digital platform, securing digital rights from Disney Plus Hotstar. Within days of its digital release on December 26, 2023, the film garnered over 100 million viewing minutes, solidifying its popularity among online viewers.
  • The recent television premiere of Mangalavaaram proved to be a major success, achieving an impressive TRP rating of 8.3. Viewers were captivated by the haunting storyline and the stellar performances, particularly Payal Rajput’s portrayal of the protagonist.

The Cast and Crew

  • The film, produced by Swathi Gunupati and Suresh Varma under A Creative Works and Mudhra Media Works, boasts an exceptional ensemble cast including Krishna Chaitanya, Nanditha Swetha, Ajay Ghosh, Ajmal, Shravan Reddy, Ravindra Vijay, Sri Tej, and Divya Pillai. Each actor brought their A-game to the table, contributing to the overall success of the film.
  • The music of Mangalavaaram, composed by Ajaneesh Loknath of Kantara fame, received widespread acclaim for its atmospheric background scores that enhanced the overall viewing experience. The haunting music added an extra layer of suspense and tension to the narrative, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.
Mangalavaaram – Trailer

Directorial Brilliance

  • Ajay Bhupathi’s adept direction in Mangalavaaram further solidified his reputation as a promising talent in the Telugu film industry. Following the success of RX100 and Maha Samudram, Bhupathi has cemented his position as a director who can deliver compelling narratives with ease.
  • Mangalavaaram continues to gain recognition for its unique storyline, strong performances, and effective direction, establishing itself as a noteworthy addition to Telugu cinema. With its blend of horror elements, relatable characters, and thematic depth, the film has captured the hearts of audiences across different platforms.
    In conclusion, Mangalavaaram has successfully made the transition from the silver screen to the small screen, captivating viewers with its haunting storyline and exceptional performances. Ajay Bhupathi’s directorial brilliance, coupled with the talented cast and crew, has propelled the film to new heights, solidifying its status as a must-watch in the world of Telugu cinema.

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