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From Assistant Director to Leading Actor: The Awe-Inspiring Journey of Naveen Kasturia

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Naveen Kasturia is a well-known actor in the Indian entertainment industry, known for his versatility and talent. He rose to fame with his roles in TVF drama series TVF Pitchers and Aspirants, where his performance was lauded by both critics and audiences. His portrayal of Abhilash in TVF Aspirants garnered him immense fame and critical acclaim.

Naveen KasturiaEarly Career and Success

Before becoming a successful actor, Naveen started his career as an assistant director on films like Jashnn, Love Sex Aur Dhokha, and Shanghai. He then ventured into acting and appeared in various projects across different platforms. His super successful series, ‘Sapne vs Everyone’, has been well-received by viewers and critics alike. The show’s storyline revolves around two obsessive dreamers facing challenges from societal expectations, moral dilemmas, and each other.

In addition to his work on TV, Naveen has also starred in critically acclaimed films like Sulemani Keeda and appeared in popular series such as Bose: Dead/Alive, Waah Zindagi, Thinkistan, Happily Ever After, and Runaway Lugai.

Theatrical Journey and Collaborations

Naveen’s passion for acting and storytelling dates back to his college days when he and his friends started a theatre company called Right Click Entertainment. Their play, ‘Khel Khel Mein’, received overwhelming support from the audience and marked the beginning of Naveen’s theatrical journey. He continued to explore his acting skills by working in commercials and assisting prominent directors like Dibakar Banerjee and Danis Tanović.

Breakthrough for Naveen Kasturia

In 2011, Naveen received a breakthrough opportunity when he was offered the lead role in the movie Sulemani Keeda, which proved to be a turning point in his career. His performance was appreciated by both critics and audiences, establishing him as a promising talent in the industry. Following the success of the film, Naveen continued to work on various projects and honed his craft as an actor.

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Recent Endeavors and Projects

Apart from his film and TV projects, Naveen has also ventured into the world of podcasts. In 2022, he lent his voice to the character of Bhaskar Bose in the Hindi thriller podcast, ‘Bhaskar Bose: A Hindi Thriller Podcast’. The podcast, created by MNM Talkies, received positive feedback from listeners and further showcased Naveen’s versatility as an actor. 

 By showcasing his experience, expertise, and versatility, Naveen Kasturia has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of entertainment. His journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring actors and storytellers, proving that hard work and determination can lead to success in the competitive industry.

Closing thoughts

Naveen Kasturia’s journey in the entertainment industry is a testament to his dedication, hard work, and passion for storytelling. From his humble beginnings as an assistant director to becoming a renowned actor, Naveen has come a long way in the industry. His talent, versatility, and commitment to his craft have earned him a loyal fan base and critical acclaim. With his latest show, ‘Sapne vs Everyone’, Naveen continues to captivate audiences with his compelling performances and nuanced portrayals.

Naveen Kasturia in ‘Sapne vs Everyone’

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