The Met Gala: Unveiling the Unwritten Rules

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The Met Gala, a spectacular event synonymous with high fashion and star-studded glamour, has once again graced our calendars. As celebrities gear up to dazzle on the red carpet, it’s not just about nailing the theme; there’s a whole set of unspoken rules to abide by. Let’s take a peek into the dos and don’ts of this illustrious affair.

Look, but Don’t Touch

Celebrities are granted the privilege of admiring the artwork displayed at the gala, but there’s a caveat—they must refrain from touching it. Getting too handsy with the art pieces is a surefire way to earn oneself a swift exit from the event, akin to the consequences of breaking the no-smoking rule.

Culinary Caution: No Onion, Garlic, or Chives

While the gala promises a delectable feast, certain culinary delights are off-limits. Onion, garlic, and chives are strictly prohibited due to their notorious reputation for causing undesirable breath. Parsley is also on the blacklist, as it has a tendency to linger in one’s teeth, while bruschetta is absent from the menu to prevent potential couture stains.

The Met Gala's Pictures

No Smoking Allowed

One of the cardinal rules of the Met Gala is a strict ban on smoking. Lighting up is deemed disrespectful to the exquisite artworks adorning the venue. However, in 2017, a few rebellious souls, including Bella Hadid and Marc Jacobs, sparked controversy by sneaking cigarettes into the bathroom, leaving health officials fuming.

 Selfies? Not on the Guest List

In the age of social media, the allure of capturing the perfect selfie is undeniable. However, at the Met Gala, snapping selfies is a major faux pas. Despite this rule, in 2017, Kylie Jenner and company couldn’t resist the temptation, immortalizing their glamorous moment with a mirror selfie in the washroom. This breach of protocol raised eyebrows but also underscored the allure of breaking the rules.

Phone-Free Zone

In a world dominated by smartphones, the Met Gala serves as a refreshing oasis where guests are encouraged to disconnect from their devices. The objective? To foster genuine connections and stimulating conversations among the attendees. However, adhering to this rule requires discipline, as the allure of checking notifications can be hard to resist.

The Met Gala

As we marvel at the breathtaking ensembles gracing the Met Gala red carpet, it’s essential to remember that behind the glitz and glamour lie a set of unwritten rules that dictate the conduct of attendees. From abstaining from smoking to refraining from culinary indulgences that could tarnish couture, navigating the gala’s unspoken etiquette is a delicate dance. So, if you were to receive an invite to the Met Gala, which rule would you risk breaking?

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