Unveiling Orry’s Main Job: Making Weddings Extra Special

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Orhan Awatramani, also known as Orry In a recent chat , finally opened up about how he earns his money, clearing up lots of questions people had been asking. Orry revealed that his main way of making cash is by going to weddings and being part of the celebrations. This news came after lots of folks were wondering what Orry does for a living.

Wedding Appearances: Bringing Joy and Making a Good Living

Orry talked about his work, saying his main goal is to make people happy. He loves being part of weddings because it’s a time of joy for everyone involved. Orry mentioned that people invite him to weddings not just because he’s a guest but because they see him as a close friend, especially to the groom or someone else important to the couple. Because he’s so popular, Orry can charge anywhere from Rs 15 lakh to Rs 30 lakh for each appearance. That’s a lot of money, showing how much people value having him at their special events.

Besides going to weddings, Orry mentioned he’s not interested in selling things like merchandise with his name on them right now. He cares more about making sure his fans can afford whatever he might sell in the future, like maybe a makeup line. Orry wants to stay connected to his fans and put their needs before making a lot of money.

Orry's Job

Balancing Fame and Keeping Some Things Private

Even though Orry is getting more famous, he’s careful about the companies he partners with and the things he promotes. While he’s worked with brands like Vaseline and CRED, he’s careful to make sure his promotions feel genuine. Orry has been seen with famous people from India and other countries at different events, like Koffee with Karan and the Filmfare Awards. But he doesn’t like to talk too much about his family or where he comes from in interviews. Instead, he focuses on his friends and his experiences in showbiz. Keeping some things private adds a bit of mystery to Orry’s public image, which fans find interesting while still respecting his privacy. In the end, Orry’s Main Job reveales that how going to weddings influencers can make money in different ways. His dedication to making people happy and staying true to himself, even as he gets more famous, shows why people like him so much. As Orry continues to figure out how to handle being famous while keeping some things private, he’s teaching us all about balancing success with staying true to who you are, even in the online world.

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