Vijay Sethupathi says from now on he will avoid playing the role of antagonist

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Vijay Sethupathi, renowned for his exceptional acting prowess, has captivated audiences with his remarkable performances in movies like Vikram Vedha, Super Deluxe, and Master. However, after his role as the antagonist Kali in Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan, the actor announced his decision to step away from playing negative characters for some time.

Emotional Pressure as an Antagonist

During a conversation at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Sethupathi candidly shared his experience of playing the antagonist. He revealed that his scenes often get chopped off during editing, leaving a limited impact on the overall narrative. Moreover, he disclosed that many times, the hero of the film would personally reach out to him, urging him to embrace the role of the antagonist.

“They try to put emotional pressure on me, which I don’t want to face,” Sethupathi expressed. “I am not feeling bad, but there are restrictions when I play a villain. They exert so much control over me, not allowing me to overshadow the protagonist, and sometimes, certain things get compromised in the editing process.”

It is evident that the burden of portraying negativity while also contending with limitations in the final cut has taken a toll on Sethupathi. The emotional pressure associated with such roles has led him to make a firm decision to take a hiatus from playing antagonists.

A Break from Antagonist Roles

In light of the challenges he faces as an antagonist, Sethupathi has chosen to step away from portraying negative characters, at least for a few years. By declining these roles outright, he hopes to avoid the emotional pressures and creative restrictions that come with them.

Despite his decision, Sethupathi expressed that filmmakers often insist he at least listen to the script, even if he declines the antagonist role. This indicates the difficulty he encounters when trying to distance himself from such characters. “So there are a lot of problems there,” he added with a tone of resignation.

Exciting Upcoming Project

Although Sethupathi has chosen to avoid antagonist roles for the time being, fans can look forward to seeing him in a new light. The actor will be teaming up with the talented Katrina Kaif in the upcoming film Merry Christmas, directed by Sriram Raghavan. Initially scheduled for release on December 15th, the film has been postponed to January 12th to avoid clashes with other highly anticipated releases.

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