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“We Create Music We Love, Not Seeking Views”: Alisha And Furkat On Their Upcoming Projects And Composing Style

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We recently got to know of Alisha Chinai and Furkat Azamov’s decades-long love story and how it went in tandem with their first music collaboration on ‘Chamkega India’. We got a chance to catch up with Alisha and Furkat again where they both spoke at length on their music projects and careers. Alisha was especially excited to share her latest collaborations, which also involve Furkat (no surprise !) when she graced us yet again on Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show. 

Kicking off, Furkat spoke on how he prefers composing romantic melodies, especially when he is nature by himself. He distinguished between the music composed these days, which are loud instruments and lack melody or soul. Thankfully, when it comes to musicians he works with, “We are all on the same page”. 

Alisha & Furkat first Punjabi song

Chiming in, Alisha mentioned her debut in the Punjabi music industry. The song is still a work in progress but she divulged that she worked with a singer from Chandigarh, with Alisha doing the songwriting and composition with him. Interestingly, this is also Furkat’s first time composing a Punjabi song since he also composed parts of the music and is currently doing his bit in the music production as well. 

Fake views and organic audience, What does Alisha say?

Naturally, we had to touch upon the Punjabi music industry and its fixation with judging a song’s success by its views. Indeed, a leading Indian singer even admitted to buying fake views. So, for a legend like Alisha, who comes from an era of organic audience and viewership, wouldn’t it be difficult to promote her songs in today’s market? We couldn’t resist asking her this question and we were curious about her take on this. 

“Neither of us are seeking views. We create music that we love, we put it out there. And if the audience loves it, then it’s our biggest reward”,  came Alisha’s reply. Conceding that people’s attention span is low these days, she said it is indeed a task to grab their attention and sustain it. Naturally, musicians would try to create that but even though the audience should and viewers are certainly responsible for a song’s success, it can’t be the only parameter of success to be counted, according to her. How a musician thinks and feels about the song is just as important, if not more. Furkat added on by saying that he also is conservative about such things like Alisha and that they “are doing it slowly” without worrying about the numbers. 

Furkat also dropped news on yet another upcoming music video. While not disclosing too much, he did mention the song would have an old Bollywood sort of melody and is a very romantic and mushy song. Both Alisha and Furkat are fans of the older Bollywood songs and Ailsha also mentioned her favorite song Na Jaane Ek Nigah Mein Kya Le Gaya Koi. 

Closing off on a retro note, Alisha praised the Bollywood music of yesteryears and paid tribute to Bappi Lahiri. Infact, Alisha’s debut song Tarzan Tarzan was with Bappi Lahiri whom she praised and thanked for his listening skills and his judgment and apparently selected her from hundreds of musicians in on take and rehearsal. 

Fortunately for the world, Bappi Da indeed selected well that day, picking the Queen of Indipop. Like the audience, we too are looking forward to Alisha and Furkat’s music releases. Keep checking in with Jay for more news and updates on your favorite singer and other celebrities. 

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