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When Baba Sehgal And Hariharan Affixed Posters Of ‘Thanda Thanda Paani’ Along Marine Drive And Juhu…

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In the era before social media brought instant connectivity and fame, success was often built on sweat, passion, and a dash of serendipity. One such story from the Indian music scene takes us back to Baba Sehgal, the first Indian rapper who etched his never fading mark in the world of Indian rap. 

The journey of Baba Sehgal, the mastermind behind the superhit rap “Thanda Thanda Paani,” unfolded against a backdrop of challenges and aspirations. His voice, his lyrics, and his pulsating beats spoke to a generation yearning for something fresh and energetic. The 90s Indipop era provided him with the platform to make waves, thanks to collaborations with Magnasound company. This period was more than just a musical movement; it was a cultural shift that reshaped the landscape.

In a recent conversation with Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, Baba Sehgal reflected on those years. He shared, “I was fortunate to be part of that 90s Indipop era.” He emphasized the pivotal role of Magnasound in his artistic evolution, mentioning luminaries such as Hariharan, Shweta Shetty, Remo Fernandez, and Kavita Krishnamoorthi, all of whom were associated with the same brand.

However, one night remains etched in Baba Sehgal’s memory- a night that added a unique note to his success. He continued, “I still vividly recall a night when Hariharan, I, and two others plastered the posters of ‘Thanda Thanda Paani’ across Marine Drive, Bandra, and Juhu at night.” 

Hariharan, the brilliant artist, stood side by side with Baba Sehgal, not just for the sake of collaboration, but as a friend who shared in the journey. Baba Sehgal’s words gave the hint of their friendship that extended beyond the music, “Hariharan and I were very close. We went out for parties together, participated in mehfils. We attended parties together, joined mehfils, and simply hung out.”

“Thanda Thanda Paani” broke the confines of a music video and reached the streets, becoming the anthem of a generation. Baba Sehgal’s voice became a recognizable echo, and his presence drew attention wherever he went. In a world where tweets and vlogs now capture emotions, in that bygone era, artists etched their stories in every step, every lyric, and every poster they stuck under the moonlit sky. 

During the interview, Baba Sehgal also unveiled details of his arrival in Bombay (now Mumbai), shedding light on the struggles he overcame on his path to becoming a professional singer-rapper. For more untold chapters of Baba Sehgal’s life, stay tuned to 

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