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Year Ender 2022: Top 5 Stories From The Year 2022 That Piqued People’s Curiosity

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We are all excited for a fresh start in every sphere of our lives as the year 2023 arrives. The year 2022 was also packed with enormous enthusiasm, inspirations, and entertainment, as each year gives a spark of optimism. Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show received tons of love and support from all of our supporters around the world. 

Every artist’s journey had thrills, emotions, tranquility, challenges, accomplishments, aspirations, and outcomes. And for this reason, readers from all over the globe read their stories, liked them, and felt the connection with Jay-Ho. In light of this, we are honored to share the publications that have garnered the most attention on our website. However, this does not imply that the articles that are not on this list did receive a lower ranking. The pageviews of all the articles differed relatively slightly from one another. We appreciate your love and support, which has allowed Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show  to flourish each day. 

Let’s Have A Look At The Top 5 Stories Of 2022 That Drew People’s Attention

1. Https://Www.Jay-Ho.Com/News/International/From-500-Rs-To-Earning-In-Lakhs-Sleeping-On-Streets-To-Colouring-The-City-Inspiring-Story-Of-The-Best-Graffiti-Artist

Stories of triumph over adversity always fire the human imagination and for us at Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, the story of artist Rahul Budguzzar was certainly inspiring. Hailing from a village in Uttar Pradesh, Rahul showed early aptitude for drawing and sketching at just 5 years old. To capture the emotions on canvas was his ambition and he aspired to become an artist, despite significant impediments. No artist has ever had it easy but Rahul had to persist more- with no resources, teachers, or environment, he had to teach himself and learn from himself. Like all dreamers, he came to Delhi where he earned just Rs 500 and slept on streets while he grinded away at his craft. He came into limelight when his painting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi caught people’s attention. Work came pouring and he started working on the Swachh Bharat campaign. 

Today, he commands lakhs for his work and his artwork is now popularly known as  “Dayen Bayen Art”. His commitment to art and cultivation of his talent is surely an example for us all on this New Year in our own lives. 

2. Https://Www.Jay-Ho.Com/News/International/Sargam-Koushal-Crowned-Mrs-World-2022-Brings-Back-The-Crown-To-India-After-21-Years

Women hold up half the sky, it was once famously said. But when a woman decides to win, she can take the whole sky itself. Such was the case on December 18, 2022 when Sargam Koushal was crowned Mrs World 2022. With this win, Sargam made history by becoming the second Indian woman to win the crown. This is not just a win for India but for all Indian women who can touch the sky if they choose to. Indeed, such is the story of the Jammu-born Sargam who had always longed to win a beauty pageant. Life, however, gave her a chance after she tied the knot with an Indian Navy officer. Though she was reluctant to enter the competition, her husband supported her and she began her journey by winning the Mrs India world and Mrs World 2022 title. 

On this New Year, we salute her and all Indian women. Her poise, elegance, and eloquence are qualities that all ladies and even men can emulate in their lives this New Year. And to all women out there who have dreams, go get it ! 

3. Https://Www.Jay-Ho.Com/Blog/Entertainment/Knowing-The-Many-Avatars-Of-Raj-Gupta-Indian-American-Technologist-Entrepreneur-Bollywood-Fan-And-A-Community-Servant

India and Indians are the toast of the world and of the United States in particular with many people making outstanding contributions to humanity. The tight knit bonds that Indians forge everywhere is a model example of community building. Integral to the Indian American community in the US is Mr Raj Gupta, the extremely talented individual who has made a mark in technology, medical research, and entrepreneurship. As the founder of  Balaji Bollywood Entertainment USA Inc, Mr Gupta has been a pillar in the Indian American diaspora. His passion for social causes and love of India has been celebrated even by Americans. He has graced the Gala Dinner and Award night of the ‘Passion Vista Global Icon Awards’ held in Hollywood and was felicitated with the Business Icon of the Year award from MYDREAM TV USA. His love for India and Bollywood has propelled him to provide a platform for Bollywood in the USA and unite the community of local organizers in the USA as an association. This New Year, Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show raises a toast to this stalwart. His life story is a demonstration of how far one can go if one always stays connected to his/her roots. 

4. Https://Www.Jay-Ho.Com/Blog/Entertainment/An-Interview-With-Jay-Kumar-The-Anchor-Producer-Of-Us-Popular-Talk-Show-Jay-Ho

The host and the man, Jay Kumar is another bright beacon in the Indian American community. As the founder of Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, he seeks to inspire people to action with positivity and energy from the lives of inspirational people from films, sports, business, and art while also entertaining people. As an interviewer, he creates a warm and affable atmosphere where luminaries can be themselves and not the constructed persona we often see. Through their stories of success and struggles, we understand our favorite people better, deconstruct their story, and learn ways to succeed in our own lives. Jay Kumar wants to make sure that even a kid in a remote locality of India or one living in New York gets some value out of Jay-Ho!. With this motto on the back of his mind, Jay tries to maintain the lucidity of the language, keeping it simple yet entertaining. Till now, many people have been featured on the show, yet each episode is unique and has a charm of its own.

5. Https://Www.Jay-Ho.Com/News/International/Women-Empowerment-With-Harnaaz-Sandhu-Miss-Universe-2021-Spotlight-On-Womens-Health-Issues

Indian women are an inspiring lot especially because more female empowerment is needed but that drive for empowerment is always there in Indian women, and Indian-American women are no exception to this. To celebrate the power of women during Women’s History Month, MyDream TV USA, a  media and entertainment firm catering to the global Indian community, conducted a multi-city tour featuring Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu. Ms Sandhu also spent time in Boston city where she interacted with a small group of inspirational women leaders. She has used her position to promote awareness of women’s health issues and women empowerment. She has promoted awareness of and access to low-cost, sustainable, and proven solutions for women in India and other developing countries. And fortunately for us, Harnaaz Sandhu also presented the “Best Indian American Talk Show Award” to Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show.

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