Yodha Box Office Collections: Sidharth Malhotra’s Action-Thriller Continues to Drop!

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Yodha, the Bollywood action-thriller starring Sidharth Malhotra, has been experiencing a significant decline in box office collection after an initial promising weekend. Despite a star-studded cast and an action-packed storyline, the movie seems to be struggling to maintain its momentum in theaters.

Yodha Box Office Collection Overview

After a decent opening weekend, Yodha faced a 69.29% drop in box office collection on Monday, earning only Rs 2.15 crore. The following day saw a slight improvement with earnings of Rs 2.30 crore. However, the film’s performance did not pick up as expected, and it only managed to bring in Rs 4.1 crore on its opening day.

Why is the Film Struggling at the Box Office?

In the film, Sidharth Malhotra plays Arun Katyal, a tough guy in a special forces team. His dad started this group, so he’s kind of like the boss. He’s married to Raashii Khanna, who works for the government. She later becomes the secretary to the Prime Minister.

Arun is like a superhero, always saving the day on dangerous missions. But his wife is tired of his risky job and wants him to be more responsible. Then, there’s a hijacking, and Arun can’t stop it. He gets blamed and his team gets shut down.

The problem with the movie is that it rushes through crucial scenes. For instance, Arun’s fall from grace and his issues with his wife should have been highlighted to create tension but it is simply avoided. Also, Disha Patani’s character shows up suddenly at the end, which seems unnatural.

Sidharth Malhotra, despite being a good actor, doesn’t bring much depth to his character. In Yodha, he is a tough guy with cheesy lines, trying to win over his wife but without serious efforts. The movie tries to talk about serious stuff like terrorism and Kashmir, but it feels shallow and predictable.

Yodha’s declining box office collection can be attributed to various factors, such as fluffy content as well as stiff competition from other movies like Bastar: The Naxal Story. It is lacking audience engagement beyond the first weekend of its release. The film’s failure to maintain consistent ticket sales is also a key factor in its current predicament.

Yodha vs. Bastar: The Naxal Story

Yodha faced tough competition from Bastar: The Naxal Story, another movie that was released around the same time. Despite a smaller budget, Bastar managed to earn Rs 2.66 crore in its first six days of distribution, highlighting the challenges that Yodha is facing in terms of attracting audiences.

The table below shows a comparison of box office collections between Yodha and Bastar: The Naxal Story.
| Movie | Box Office Collection (6 Days) |
| Yodha | Rs 23.38 crore (India), Rs 26.88 crore (Global) |
| Bastar: The Naxal Story | Rs 2.66 crore |

Can the Siddharth Malhotra Starrer Turn Its Box Office Fortunes Around?

With a total box office collection of Rs 23.38 crore in India and Rs 26.88 crore globally, Yodha still has a chance to make a comeback. However, with predictions of only reaching Rs 35 crore in total earnings, the movie will need to step up its marketing and audience engagement strategies to attract more viewers.

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Closing thoughts

Yodha’s box office collection has been on a downward trend, and the movie faces an uphill battle to regain its momentum. With strong competition from other films and a lack of sustained audience interest, Yodha may struggle to meet its earnings targets. Only time will tell if the action-thriller can turn its fortunes around and emerge as a box office success.

‘Yodha’ trailer

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