Dedication And Perseverance

A Prime Example Of Dedication And Perseverance, The Source Driving Motivation

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“All Birds find shelter during a rain. But, the eagle avoids rain by flying above the Clouds. Problems are common, but attitude makes the difference!!!”. This famous quote from APJ Abdul Kalam sums up some of our guests’ lives perfectly. 

They had lofty aspirations, and when obstacles stood in their way, rather than becoming discouraged, they rose to the occasion and overcame them. They adopted a different perspective on the issue, and now they serve as a motivation to others. We here at Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show aspire to enlighten the audience and make a small difference in someone’s life by sharing their story and bringing it to light.

Rahul Budguzzar

Born in a small village of Uttar Pradesh, artist Rahul Budguzzar started sketching and drawing at a tender age of 5. Soon, he fixed his ambition to become an artist. Persisting and struggling against unfavorable circumstances and lack of resources, Rahul continued to dream and work. His long years of hard work paid off when his picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi won him acclaim and today, he has achieved his dream. As a well known and respected person in the art community, Rahul has developed his own art style “Dayen Bayen Art”. To never give up on one’s dreams and continue believing in it and working towards it- these are the lessons we can all internalize this New Year. 

Jayati Banerjee

A woman who can balance working in a corporation, manage her family, and also be an artist running a theater company-is this a myth? Well it’s not since Jayati Banerjee has done it all. In a passionately ardent interview at Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, Jayati has shared her journey from Kolkata to Boston. Her corporate job at John Hancock where she got busy in her immediate priorities. She settled down and started a family but still felt that something was missing. Finally, she zeroed into the solution- an urge to do something creative with people. 

In 2010, she wrote her first play and started writing and directing plays. In 2018, Jayati and Amitabh Lala started the theater company Krossroads Performing Arts to give their passion a home. The same year, Krossroads won the best play award in NABC Baltimore which was written and directed by Jayati along with her friend Nilay Mukherjee. 

Such stupendous success while balancing it all comes only with family support. She feels lucky that when she is occupied by an office or theater, her family picks up her load. When theater occupies too much of her time, she feels restless to get back to her domestic responsibilities. “We women want it all”.

And why not? After all, they can and they should. And this New Year, we wish that all women are able to find the balance in their own ways and that the New Year will be filled with many such moments. 

Raj Gupta 

Mr Raj Gupta is an entrepreneur and the organizer, supporter of innumerable fundraisers, fashion, performance arts, and other cultural events is indeed a beacon of light to the Indian American diaspora- as a businessman and as a humanitarian.

Born in Jodhpur to a Marwari business family, Raj was passionate about technology and innovation besides possessing a business acumen. Coming to the USA, he started his entrepreneurial journey while also channeling his love of India and Bollywood by founding Balaji Bollywood Entertainment USA Inc. He has also raised money for numerous charitable causes including the current Russia-Ukraine war. As ever, Mr Raj Gupta is focussed onwards toward the future and has made it his mission to provide a platform for Bollywood industry in the USA, raise funds for medical research and social causes, and unite the community of local organizers in the USA as an association. 

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