Jaswant Singh Rathore

Throwback Vibes: Jaswant Singh Rathore Takes Us Down Memory Lane With Suniel Shetty’s Iconic Dialogues

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In a nostalgic trip down memory lane, comedian Jaswant Singh Rathore reminisced about his school days in a recent Instagram post. The caption of his post read, “बचपन में अक्सर स्कूल से आने के बाद टेप रिकॉर्डर पर ‘दिलवाले’ फिल्म की डायलॉग वाली कैसेट (पंजाबी में ‘रील’ बोलते थे) सुनता रहता था। आज ये वीडियो किसी ने भेजा तो दिमाग में आया की तब सोचा नहीं था एक दिन ये ‘रील’ भी चलेगी ????❤️???? 1994-2023 #reels #dilwale #thekapilsharmashow Blessings @suniel.shetty ji & @ajaydevgn ji.”

In this heartfelt caption, Jaswant fondly recalled how, during his childhood, he would often listen to the cassette tape (referred to as “रील” in Punjabi) of the movie ‘Dilwale’ after coming back from school. Little did he know back then that one day he would be performing the same dialogues from the film. The video he shared is a proof to the unexpected journey that life has taken him on, where he now entertains audiences with his remarkable mimicry skills.

Jaswant expressed his gratitude and admiration for the veteran actors Suniel Shetty and Ajay Devgn, whose blessings he sought by tagging them in the post. It’s a humble acknowledgment of the impact that these actors and their films have had on his life and career.

This Instagram post not only reflects Jaswant’s humble beginnings and his journey as a comedian but also showcases his passion for cinema and the joy he finds in recreating iconic dialogues. It’s a delightful reminder that dreams do come true, even if they are sparked by childhood memories and cassette tapes.

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