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The ‘Lady Bosses’ Who Never Failed To Astound The World

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Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show has always put a significant emphasis on entertaining audiences while instilling motivational messages to everyone. In this process, many celebrities came across with whom talking and knowing them closely was something the year 2022 has given the best. Here are some of our female guests who not only inspire us but have also entertained in a wholesome way. The audience has certainly become a fan of these ‘lady bosses’.

Alisha Chinai: The Queen of Indipop

Of all the singing talents in the country who have made their mark on world music as well, the Queen of Indipop Alisha Chinai is definitely someone who is Made in India. The heartthrob of many people who lived through the 80s, 90s, and 2000s and today, Alisha Chinai has left an indelible mark on all music lovers. Known for her sassy and glamorous attitude, Alisha almost single handedly kickstarted the indie-music scene in India and was famous for her rebellious soul. As a result, Alisha Chinai’s career is chock-full of successes, whether it is her solo albums or the songs she has featured in films. Born and raised in South Africa, Alisha was influenced by the west and listened to a lot of western music. Of course, Indianness is always there. It is no surprise that her preferred music genre is fusion where the best fo western and the gems of Indian music can come together. 

For all females out there who doubt themselves, Alisha is an inspiration. Alisha likens pop music as an expression of a woman’s individuality. Of course, society always tries to restrict how a woman expresses herself but she was always ahead of time and didn’t hesitate to be a little risque and to push boundaries. This New Year, all the wonderful women out there can learn from her example and be bold and be themselves this New Year. 

Mrs India World 2022 & Mrs World 2022 Sargam Koushal

In yet another example of Indian women rocking the stage, Sargam Koushal won the Mrs World 2022 beauty pageant. In the process, she became the second woman to win the title. Sargam was born in Jammu and is currently married to an Indian Navy Officer. Despite her dream of winning the beauty pageant, it was only after her marriage did she find the courage to pursue her dream. Starting off with Mrs India World contestant, she underwent a demanding 6-month preparation period, outshining all 51 stunning women from across India. Her inspirational journey is an empowering reminder for all women to pursue their passions. 

Ekavali Khanna: Actress by chance

The Bollywood actress Ekavali Khanna is one of the most recognisable and respected actors in regional and Bollywood films today though surprisingly she never intended to become an actress. Though, she comes from a family that values the arts, she stayed away from cinema till fate gave her the opportunity to showcase her artistic talent in the form of a chance conversation with Shantanu Bose, one of the directors of Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute (SRFTI). While watching a play there, Shantanu offered her a role in a student’s film. Being in a struggle phase of her personal life, she decided to take up the offer and soon one film led to another and others. From then on, she went to play many characters and worked with many acclaimed directors on films, notably “Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain” and “What will people say”. Her life is a reminder of the power of fate and seizing the chance when opportunities present themselves. 

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