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A Symphony Of Celebration: Happy Birthday, Shaan!

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Shaan is one of those versatile evergreen singers whose songs are relevant to every generation. His soulful music can go exceedingly well with actors of any age group. Shaan is loved by the audience for his soft, romantic voice. The singer-songwriter started his singing career by singing jingles for advertisements, remixes, and music covers and then started doing playback singing for Hindi and regional films. Today he is considered one of the most successful singers in India. Singing nearly for three decades the incredible vocalist has given major hits in Bollywood as well as in music albums. Some of his famous Bollywood numbers include- Musu Musu Haasi Deu, Woh Pehli Baar, Dillagi, Suno Na, Kuch to Hua Hain, Aal izz well, Char Kadam, Chand Sifarish, It’s the Time to Disco, among several others.

Incidentally, the versatile singer Shaan recently appeared in The Jay Kumar Show. The fun talk show with the motto, ‘Motivation and Inspiration With A Tadka Of Entertainment’ brings out the less-known side of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities. Shaan’s exclusive interview on The Jay Kumar Show revealed some amazing aspects of his personality. The singer humbly said he never takes things for granted in life!

When asked how he looked so fit and charming even after working in the industry for three decades, the singer said he takes his health as a priority. Other than of course, it is important to maintain yourself, Shaan said, ‘I’m aware people spend a lot of money to book my concert tickets. I don’t take things for granted at all. I believe in having gratitude in life. I like to give people a nice visible presence as well. It’s not because they love me, my voice and so I just go anyway! I work hard to give my best performance in terms of singing, dancing with the crowd, interacting with them, and showing my best self.’

Born on 30 September 1972 in a musical family, Shaan was destined to follow his passion for music. His grandfather Jahar Mukherjee was a lyricist, his father Manas Mukherjee was a music director and his sister Sagarika is a well-known singer as well.

In the interview, among many topics, Shaan shared some invaluable tips for youngsters. He said it is important to do things you are passionate about without expecting the results. ‘Don’t do something for money. Just put in the hard work and also enjoy while doing the same! The number of likes on your social media posts is a short-lived thing. To be successful you have to work consistently in the field you choose.’   

From music to mental health and his upcoming tour in the US, Shaan has shared his updates on The Jay Kumar Show. Also, Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show is proud to host Shaan’s musical concert in Boston on 7th October.

Team Jay-Ho wishes the incredible singer, the amazing personality, the always smiling, happy soul, Shaan a very happy birthday!

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