Abhijeet Sawant

Abhijeet Sawant Collaborates With Rap Artist N Krazy

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Abhijeet Sawant, the first Indian Idol star singer had recently collaborated with rap artist, N Krazy bringing the Hip Hop vibe to the well-known track “Junoon”. The music is now appearing more trendy and fresh with the original beat being kept intact. N Krazy spiced things up by adding a fresh rap verse to the original song. The two artists have launched the song by collaborating on Instagram.

Abhijeet, a talented singer, television actor, anchor, and the first Indian Idol has several hit songs in Bollywood. He is also a successful independent singer. Currently, he is active on social media platforms promoting his musical works. He is collaborating with other artists and regularly bringing new flavors to his audience. Recently, he dropped an Indie Revival, Musafir Dil, that is streaming on his YouTube channel. From launching new music on his channel to performing in events around the country to appearing as a guest in innumerable podcasts and shows, Abhijeet is clearly on fire!

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