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Adarsh Gourav on How He Bagged an Incredible Role in Hollywood!

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Adarsh Gourav, the talented actor who recently gained recognition for his outstanding performance in the Netflix film ‘Kho Gaye Hum Kahan‘, is now making waves in Hollywood. He has already worked on several interesting projects such as ‘The White Tiger’, ‘Lucrece’, ‘Die Trying’, and ‘Extrapolations’. The actor has recently landed a role in the highly anticipated sci-fi thriller show, ‘Alien’, directed by Noah Hawley and backed by Ridley Scott. In an exclusive interview with India, Adarsh Gourav opens up about his journey, the challenges he faced, and his tips for aspiring actors.

Alien – the TV Series

Helmed by Noah Hawkley, Alien is an upcoming sci-fi horror series. This is a prequel to the 1979 blockbuster movie, Alien. This series has a star-studded cast including Adarsh Gourav, Sydney Chandler, Alex Lawther, Samuel Blenkin, and Essie Davis.  Alien will be aired on FX on Hulu.

A Long-Awaited Opportunity

Adarsh Gourav expressed his excitement and pride about his upcoming Hollywood project, ‘Alien’, which will be shot in Bangkok for six months. He eagerly anticipates the opportunity to collaborate with actors from around the globe. Being a part of such a prestigious project took time and perseverance for Adarsh. He reflects on his journey, stating, “After ‘The White Tiger’, I got representation in America. I did not audition for ‘Extrapolation’, but I think I have done 250-300 odd things before I finally got ‘Alien’. It is the first clear audition that I cracked, and I just feel humbled to be a part of it.”

The Magic of Dreams and Manifestation

Adarsh Gourav attributes his success to his ability to dream big and manifest his desires. Despite being a rational person, he has always imagined achieving the impossible. “I have been given that gift and have dreamt of a lot of things. And I think I have manifested a lot of things since I was young, and one of them was working in Hollywood,” he shares. Adarsh acknowledges the crucial role played by the right opportunities, guidance, and the encouragement of those close to him.

Learning from Hollywood

When asked about his biggest learning from his Hollywood experience, Adarsh emphasizes the importance of never taking one’s craft lightly. He warns against stagnancy, stating that there are always other talented actors waiting to play the same role, sometimes even better. Adarsh believes in continuous growth and challenges, be it through life experiences, education, or workshops. He advises actors to embrace a mindset of constant learning.

Tips for Aspiring Actors

Adarsh Gourav offers valuable advice to actors aspiring to have a career in the West. He shares that he sought guidance from Ramin Bahrani, the director of ‘The White Tiger’, who emphasized the importance of working on his American accent. Adarsh advises actors to be flexible and adaptable, willing to play diverse roles and master different accents. He stresses the need to develop a range of skills and demonstrates the ability to meet the specific demands of each role. Adarsh’s perseverance in auditions ultimately left a lasting impression on casting directors, leading to his breakthrough role in ‘Alien’.

Upcoming Projects

In addition to his Hollywood ventures, Adarsh Gourav has two upcoming projects in Bollywood. He will be seen in ‘Malegaon Ka Superhero’ and ‘Guns and Gulaabs 2’, showcasing his versatility and commitment to exploring diverse roles.

In conclusion, Adarsh Gourav’s journey from success in Bollywood to making a mark in Hollywood is a testament to his talent, hard work, and unwavering determination. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring actors, urging them to dream big, work diligently, and never stop learning and evolving. The young actor has been polishing his craft for years keeping his mind open to learning and accepting new opportunities. Adarsh’s journey is a reminder that with passion, perseverance, and the right opportunities, one can achieve extraordinary heights in the world of cinema.

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