Anup Jalota Personal Life

Anup Jalota’s Personal Life: A Glimpse Into The Bhajan Samrat’s Family And Friends

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Anup Jalota, the Bhajan Samrat, is a well-known name in the music industry. His soulful songs and melodious voice have captivated audiences for decades. However, have you ever seen Anup Jalota’s father, Purushottam Das Jalota? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and looking at his picture, anybody will say, “Like father, like son.”

Anup Jalota recently shared a picture of his father and renowned writer and singer Maya Govind on Instagram. In the picture, the trio can be seen dancing together, and Jalota mentioned that it was on his birthday. Maya Govind was a multi-talented artist, who was an actor, dancer, poet, singer, and movie producer. Anup Jalota fondly remembered her and said, “We miss you, Maya Masi. Life is full of memorable moments like this, and I’m so lucky to have been able to experience it.”

Anup Jalota is an active social media user and regularly shares glimpses from his personal and professional life on Instagram. He recently shared some glimpses from his concert at the iconic ISCON hall in Juhu, Bombay. The evening was filled with melodious music and scintillating performances, making it nothing short of a magical experience. Anup Jalota described the night as a perfect way to end an amazing event.

While Anup Jalota’s musical prowess is well-known, he often talks about his father’s musical legacy. Purushottam Das Jalota was a renowned classical and devotional singer, and his influence can be seen in Anup’s music.

With his upcoming concert in Adelaide on May 19, 2023, Anup Jalota continues to carry the torch of his musical legacy. As he pays tribute to the legendary Jagjit Singh and Mehdi Hasan, he reminds us of the timeless beauty of their music and the importance of keeping their legacy alive. He has invited all music lovers to come and enjoy an evening of musical bliss and soulful renditions. 

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