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Anup Jalota’s Tireless Efforts Culminate In Milestone Agreement For Indian Music Artists And Labels

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The Indian Singers Rights Association (ISRA) and the Indian Music Industry (IMI) have signed a groundbreaking agreement that will benefit record labels, singers, and musicians across India. The apex bodies of the Indian music industry are thrilled about the pan-India level opportunities that this agreement will offer to move forward.

Chairman of ISRA, Padma Shri Anup Jalota, expressed his gratitude towards the Government of India, especially Piyush Goyal, without whose help this contract would not have materialised. Sharing pictures of the event with honourable minister Piyush Goyal, Anup Jalota wrote on social media, “Our artists are the heart and soul of our culture, and it’s time to make sure they are fairly compensated for their hard work. Let’s make sure our singers get the royalty they deserve!”

Singer Alka Yagnik was equally delighted with this development, sharing her thoughts, “I am happy that we have achieved this. It was just a dream, but now it has borne fruits. Our dreams have grown up now. We have been together in this. We are ISRA… Sanjay Tandonji, tirelessly continued achieving what we set out to achieve.”

Singer Kumar Sanu was elated by this news, saying, “Our entire team has worked together. Sonu Nigam has also worked hard. Minister saab has given us his time and tried to help us solve this problem. We are all happy with the news. This is a moment for all musicians to sit together and enjoy.”

The event was graced by the who’s who of the music industry, including Vikram Mehra, President, IMI, and Managing Director, Saregama, and union minister Piyush Goyal, Shaan, Anuradha Paudwal, Hariharan, Pankaj Udhas, among others. The historic agreement is great news for all music industry stakeholders, and it gives immense pleasure to see that Tamasam record label and all artistes are finally making a concerted effort.

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