Kumar Satyamm

Kumar Satyamm’s Musical Journey: From A Meager Salary Of 4000 To International Stardom!

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The man, the myth, the legend – Kumar Satyamm! He’s the singer with a heart of gold and a voice that’ll make your soul soar. But let me tell you, he had to hustle hard to get to where he is today. Recently in an interview, Kumar Satyamm spoke about all his tough times and how he managed to keep up with his love for music. 

Kumar’s journey began with a normal childhood filled with music and cricket. But when his dad suggested he pursue music as a career, little did he know the rollercoaster ride he was in for. Starting off at a school, Kumar earned a measly 4000 bucks which was barely enough to keep his belly full. But did he give up? Hell no! He persevered, completed his Masters in music and switched jobs, hoping to earn more. But alas, he was still not getting the recognition and money he deserved.

But, the universe works in mysterious ways. While performing in Patna, he met the managing director of Agriplast who advised him to move to Mumbai to pursue his music career. And so, Kumar moved to Bangalore first, taking care of his ailing father, and then to Mumbai where he faced even more challenges. Can you believe that 90 percent of the people he approached for help turned him down? And 70 percent even blocked him! But hey, don’t lose hope, for today, 65 percent of them have unblocked him and are working with him on some projects.

Kumar’s journey was tough, no doubt about it. But he never lost hope. He kept practicing, kept hustling, and now he’s a successful independent singer who performs concerts all over the world. The lesson here, is simple – never give up on your dreams. Keep pushing, keep grinding, and one day, you’ll be living your best life. Jay-ho!

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