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Apna Bazar And Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show Team Up To Spice Up Your Life

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In yet another shot in the arm for all desis in the US, the beloved store Apna Bazar Woburn has joined hands with Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show as a proud sponsor. Apna Bazar is a well-known brand that has been providing authentic Indian groceries to its customers across multiple states in the United States for years. Apna Bazar’s founding members share a passion for preserving and promoting the rich Indian culture in the US. Their vision aligns perfectly with host Jay Kumar’s commitment to quality and authenticity. 

Apna Bazar management, expressed their excitement about the sponsorship and the opportunities it afforded to all. They stated, “We are thrilled to team up with Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show. As a brand, we are committed to providing genuine Indian groceries to our customers, and we believe that, with Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, we will be able to reach a wider audience who share our passion for quality and authenticity.” and yes, this means that this support and subsequent collaboration will bring the best for both customers and viewers of the show. They also mentioned the opening of a new store in Ashland, saying, “Apna Bazar is right now in Woburn and already in Lowell, and they are opening one more in Ashland.”

Echoing the excitement over this exciting team up which furthers the cause of Indians in the US, Jay Kumar, the host of the Jay-Ho show, expressed his excitement saying, “I’m thrilled to have Apna Bazar as our sponsor. The brand is synonymous with quality and genuineness in the Indian grocery market, and we’re proud to be associated with them and promote them. With their support, we can continue to provide our viewers with the best.”

About Apna Bazar 

With over 30,000 products available in-store, Apna Bazar is a one-stop shop for all Indian grocery needs with extreme quality and customer satisfaction establishing their market reputation. The store is known for its fresh produce, dairy, dals, spices, savory snacks, meal kits, frozen meals, sweets, rice, atta, and much more, including a selection of halal meat in the non-vegetarian section. Whether you’re looking for ingredients to make your favorite Indian dishes or something new to try, Apna Bazar has you covered.

The alliance between Apna Bazar and Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show is a hallmark of the strength and importance of the Indian community in the US. Not only does it represent a coming together of two brands that share a commitment to quality and credibility in their respective fields but also a furthering of the Indian-American community. As one of the most popular talk shows in the US, Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show reaches a vast audience who are passionate about their culture and traditions. With their shared values and dedication to quality, this association is poised for success and growth in the years to come.

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