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Behind The Scenes Of The Hit Song ‘One Two Three’: Raghav Sachar’s Epic Singing Feat!

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Get ready to groove, peeps, because we have some spicy inside scoop on the hit movie ‘One two three’ and its famous title track! Recently, Raghav Sachar, the super talented singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist spilled the beans on Jay Kumar’s show, ‘Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show’, and it was a riot.

Apparently, Raghav sang the entire song, including the female part, all by himself! How, you ask? Well, the director called him up at 3 am and said they needed a female section for the song, but there was no one available at that hour. So, Raghav being the champ he is, sang the female part as well, and nailed it!

But wait, it gets crazier. When it was time to record the song, the producer and director insisted on keeping Raghav’s voice for the female section and rejected the idea of bringing in Sunidhi Chauhan. And so, Raghav sang the female part again, leaving everyone in awe.

After this, Raghav became a sensation, with people calling him up just to hear him sing in a female voice! He even treated Jay Kumar and his audience to a live rendition of ‘One two three’ on the show.

But don’t think Raghav’s talents are limited to this one hit song. He’s still making waves in the music industry with his amazing compositions and vocals. If you want to learn the full details about this interesting incident straight from the horse’s mouth, be sure to catch the upcoming episode on our YouTube channel @TheJayKumarShow featuring Raghav Sachar himself. And, for all the latest updates on Raghav’s upcoming projects, keep following Jay-Ho.com.

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