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Barbie And Oppenheimer Make A Spectacular ₹100.6 Crore Nett Debut At The Indian Box Office

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In an epic clash of Hollywood titans, Greta Gerwig’s Barbie and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer made their grand entrance into the Indian box office on July 21, leaving audiences spellbound with their brilliant narratives. After their first week of release, the two films, affectionately termed Barbenheimer, have together amassed a staggering ₹100.6 crore nett, as reported by

Oppenheimer, the enthralling biopic starring the talented Cillian Murphy as the physicist J Robert Oppenheimer, achieved remarkable success in its first six days at the box office, garnering ₹67.9 crore nett in India. Day 7 further propelled its journey with an impressive ₹5.25 crore nett, taking its week one collection to an astounding ₹73.15 crore. 

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Meanwhile, Barbie, helmed by Greta Gerwig, unfolded a whimsical tale featuring the brilliant Margot Robbie as the ‘stereotypical’ version of the iconic doll, alongside the charming Ryan Gosling as Ken. Barbie added ₹2 crore nett on its seventh day, culminating its week one earnings at ₹27.5 crore nett.

The Barbenheimer duo collectively raked in over $511 million globally, with an astounding $235.5 million in the US during their opening weekend. Barbie, in particular, set new records for female-led films, surpassing the lifetime grosses of numerous other movies. 

Oppenheimer’s triumph, on the other hand, marks Christopher Nolan’s third-highest-grossing opening weekend globally and in the US. Additionally, it stands as the biggest non-superhero opening weekend for Christopher Nolan in 55 markets, spanning the UK and Ireland, France, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Spain, and Brazil. Furthermore, Oppenheimer claimed the accolade of the biggest opening day for a Christopher Nolan film in 33 markets, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, Netherlands, Argentina, and Belgium.

The clash of these two cinematic marvels has undoubtedly been an unforgettable spectacle for movie enthusiasts, sparking intense discussions and rave reviews. 

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