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Recalling The Emotional Moment In ‘Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai’, Vipin Sharma’s Standout Scene

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Actor Vipin Sharma’s captivating performance in the critically-acclaimed film “Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai” left a lasting impression on audiences. Recently in an interview, Vipin opened up about his role as the defence lawyer in the courtroom drama, his career, and a particular scene that held special significance for him.

The film, a dramatised retelling of the rape case against self-proclaimed godman Asaram, revolves around advocate PC Solanki’s efforts to bring justice to the survivor. Vipin Sharma portrayed the opposing lawyer, and what set his character apart was the humane touch the role carried. 

“He is not the typical villain. He is very human, very relatable, and I am glad the role was written like that. That makes it more interesting and challenging for an actor. Nothing is black and white. People are both good and bad, and that is why characters should be too,” shared Vipin.

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Amidst the intense courtroom drama, one particular scene stood out for the actor. It is the moment when the survivor is giving her testimony, and she breaks down emotionally. Vipin’s character, the interrogating lawyer, responds with empathy, handing her a glass of water. In this simple act, the character’s depth and compassion shine through, reminding the audience that he is not heartless, merely doing his job as a lawyer. The scene adds a layer of humanity to the otherwise intense legal proceedings, leaving a profound impact on viewers.

Having been in the acting career for three decades, Vipin Sharma has portrayed memorable roles in films like “Taare Zameen Par,” “Gangs Of Wasseypur,” and “Paan Singh Tomar,” as well as in web series like “Pataal Lok” and “The Family Man.” 

Speaking about the changing landscape of storytelling, the actor commends the evolving depth in character writing. Roles are now crafted with greater complexity, allowing actors like him to showcase their talents to the fullest. Whether a major or minor character, attention is given to each, making even small roles memorable.

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