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Behind The Scenes With Ekavali Khanna: How She Bagged The Role In ‘Kohrra’

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The release of ‘Kohrra’ on Netflix catapulted actress Ekavali Khanna into the spotlight, winning hearts with her portrayal of the character Indira. In an exclusive conversation, the Kolkata-based actress reveals the captivating story of how she bagged the role in ‘Kohrra,’, the audition process and her experience on the show.

To become a part of ‘Kohrra,’ Ekavali had to go through an intensive auditioning process. The talented actress underwent two rounds of auditions and was later asked to audition again. After her third audition, she received the call that she had been selected. 

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Ekavali cherishes the opportunity to portray Indira, a widow residing in a small town in Punjab. She appreciates the contrasting nature of her role as compared to her other work, where she played an urban, sophisticated Harvard-return businesswoman on the same channel. This contrast enabled her to embrace diverse characters within a short span, marking a moment of professional growth.

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The preparation for her character, Indira, was in-depth and detailed. The creative team provided Ekavali with an intimate understanding of Indira’s background and emotions. 

With her nuanced performance in ‘Kohrra,’ Ekavali Khanna continues to garner praise and admiration from viewers. As her phone keeps ringing with appreciation, she remains grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this acclaimed series. 

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